Uncover the value of employee feedback

Most surveys produce a score. Qlearsite shows you how to improve your business.

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If your employee surveys are not making your business better, you are missing a trick.

Employee surveys are often a list of endless tick boxes. They do not tell you anything useful. Our questions let your people answer in their own words, then our smart tech cleverly groups all the answers into themes, and 16 key business areas.

This information gives you the power to make changes that will boost growth, profit and customer service. It will also make your teams more collaborative, happier and productive. Can you get that from a tick box?

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What sets Qlearsite apart?

The best employee survey questions ever asked

We have analysed 1,000s employee surveys to discover the 16 questions that outperform all others.  

Better questions have better response rates and more importantly, deliver more powerful, predictive insights.

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Deep Listening. The first AI that reads like a human

Our language AI does not just count words, it reads them in context, revealing their meaning and true intent.

Accurate language analysis, enables you to confidently listen to your people's 'top of mind' issues, ideas and feelings.       

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Insights and tools that enable change and create value

Faster, more insightful reports for leaders, that are as concise as they are powerful, highlighting the highest value priorities.

Simple, digital dashboards that give managers  clear, focused actions and a digital tool to explore their team's feedback.

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How would you like to use the platform?


Organisational Fitness®

A powerful tool to build organisational resilience and long-term performance.

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Employee Engagement

Understand what makes your people engaged, and how that boosts productivity.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Go beyond simplistic demographics, and build a more inclusive organisation.

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Return to Work Survey

Quickly understand health & safety concerns and personal needs for returning to work.

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“What Qlearsite have really brought to us is a new and fresh way of looking at our people insight”

Aggi Russell, Head of People Strategy & Insight

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