Improve employee retention using employee feedback

Proactively managing employee retention is business critical. We help you retain the team you need to thrive.

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Virgin media

Ask the right questions

Our Organisational FitnessTM framework provides an integrated system of research-backed question sets, pre-built templates and analytics to collect high-quality feedback.

Organisational Fitness
Natural Language Processing

Understand the reasons ‘why?’

With our advanced language analysis you will understand how people really feel. That gives you the insights you need to take action to retain and motivate your team.

Identify retention risk

We use predictive analytics to automatically identify and segment retention risk in your organisation. It will make sure you focus on the most important areas.

Retention Score
Qlearsite Actions

Deliver meaningful impact

Engage managers and their teams in the insights. Use our action tools to discuss findings, prioritise action and make sure meaningful impact is delivered.

Customers making an impact

The Qlearsite Platform helps thousands of employees to feel heard, engaged and committed to delivering organisational success.

“The outputs from the Qlearsite technology help us make better decisions—data-based decisions.”

Aggninder Dhillon
Head of People Transportation,
Virgin Media

“Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives.”

Anne Therese Bogen
Head of HR,

“The free-text responses have been extremely valuable to pin-point opportunities for development.”

Helen Aasgaard
Chief HR Officer,
Otiga Group

“You get the best overview I have ever seen in an employee survey.”

Anders Johnsen

“We wanted to focus on the rich narrative that open text questions give us, moving away from expecting numbers to speak for our people. But we needed the right technology to analyse that data quickly and cleverly.”

Kyla Lacey-Davidson
Associate Director of People Experience,
Stroke Association

Employee Retention is always critical

Build a resilient team

Every organisation has its challenges. During tougher times, a present and engaged team will get you out of trouble. You can’t afford to lose talent.

Where people want to thrive

Your long-term growth and organisational success depends on ensuring people stay motivated to deliver your vision and strategic goals.

The world’s best proactive employee retention management system


Predict your
retention risk


Identify ‘reasons why’ and
actions in feedback


Improve retention
with targeted change

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