Organisational Science

We call our approach Organisational Science.

We use scientific principles and 21st century technology to analyse people data. In doing so, we form a deep understanding of the factors that influence how an organisation, and the people it comprises, can work together to become more effective.

It is not a one-size-fits-all theory of workforce dynamics. Nor is it based on guesswork, hearsay or received wisdom.

It is based on the rigorous, structured analysis of real data, generated by real people and real behaviour.

We are not just scientists. We are also experienced operators who can clean and collect data from any system, in any format.

We can unlock your people data.

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Data can tell us what has happened historically, what is happening today and why it is happening, and crucially, what is likely to happen tomorrow.

We use advanced algorithms to uncover patterns buried in complex, people data. Patterns that repeat over time and reveal what is most predictive of future workforce behaviour.

When you can predict what will happen in your organisation and why, you can make better business decisions today.

We help organisations optimise for the future.

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People data is much more than the numbers recorded in systems. It is also words and language. It is how we describe ourselves and each other.

We use intelligent language processing to analyse large qualitative datasets, from engagement surveys and performance reviews, to descriptions of motivations and values.

By analysing words, we create a richer, more complete picture of an organisation and the hidden, underlying issues.

What is more, if you can understand what people are saying, you can engage them in a conversation about business issues and how to solve them.

We make people analytics actionable.

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