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Mapping a better future for organisations

Maps reduce a complex world into a beautifully simple chart, that anyone can read. Maps contain your starting point, your destination and plot your journey.


Our Purpose

Facts. They've never been more important. And big decisions, should always be informed.

So, why are so many organisations relying on bad quality, out of date survey data? Especially when it comes to the important strategic decisions, that affect people's working lives.

Qlearsite is the simply smarter people listening technology. Our insights help build fitter more successful organisations.



Our management team

Alex Borekull

Alex Borekull

Co Founder


Peter Clark

Co Founder


James Lloyd

Chief Product Officer

Josephine Groom

Josephine Groom

Chief Operating Officer

Will Sonnex

Will Sonnex

Head of Engineering


Dan Jorgensen

Chief Financial Officer

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