We are Organisational Scientists

Unlock your workforce's potential by applying 'Organisational Science' and our Machine Learning Technology to create the actionable insight needed to accelerate your productivity and growth

Organisational Science

Adjective [ not gradable ] US /ˌɔr·ɡə·nəˈzeɪ·ʃə·nəl/ + noun /saɪ·əns/

  1. Systematic analysis of people data to establish a body of facts and truth.
  2. Evidence based approach that improve people processes to deliver tangible value.

Using data generated by employees we help organisations understand the past, predict the future and make better decisions today. It is a powerful and precise tool for analysing and predicting the behaviour of people in the workforce.

Our Purpose

To improve business performance through better motivated and engaged people.

What Drives Us 

We truly believe in the transformative power of treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination. We were all born equal, therefore we need to build organisational structures that enable your people to do the best work.


What Drives Our Technology

Cutting Edge Machine Learning

Our technology is constantly learning and evolving, this means you always have the most accurate insights into your workforce to give the confidence to plan for the future.

Intuitive Analytics

Interact and explore your data the way you want to. We make it easy to understand your workforce data - no analytics experience necessary.

Natural Language Processing

We can process and understand the opinions and sentiment expressed in the language used by your people. It has been built using methods trained on 100s of millions of documents.

"Qlearsite provides an easy to use, easy to integrate platform that we can use to drive business value."

CHris Bradshaw - Senior Manager Deloitte