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How do you motivate your teams, and boost performance? By listening to your people. Because they’re the key to achieving your business goals.

Our platform helps you build a sustainable, successful organisation – giving you a faster, simpler way to decide your next steps, all based on powerful people insights.

What’s our story?

Since 2015, Qlearsite has been delivering employee surveys backed by market-leading language analysis. We’re on a mission to help people-centric leaders build successful, sustainable organisations, by listening insightfully.

With a background in consultancy, co-founders Alex Borekull and Pete Clark knew the secret to organisational success was understanding your people.

That’s why we’re passionate about listening – identifying what your people are telling you, and using their feedback to guide your strategy and initiatives.

With Qlearsite, you get actionable people insights. Combining research-led question sets, advanced listening technology, and an easy-to-use platform, we’re helping organisations find success.

Our management team

Alex Borekull


Josephine Groom

Chief Operating Officer

David Stobs-Stobart

Head of Product

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Adam Murphy

Chief Technology Officer

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