4 things to ask your people before returning to work

Steffi Maranan

Steffi Maranan

Our new Return to Work survey will help you decide the right time to start getting back to everyday working life as we establish ‘new normal’ ways of working.

There are 4 key factors to think about, and if you use this survey, you can find out what’s best for your specific business by asking your people their opinions. 

These are the areas that’ll help you make the decision:

  1. Health and safety
    It’s essential that employees feel comfortable to return. Make sure the guidance is detailed and that everyone understands it. Also confirm that people feel safe to physically travel to and from the workplace.
  2. Are they able to do their jobs effectively?
    Make sure tools and systems are set up properly. There should be consistent collaboration and communication among teams so everyone feels supported and enabled to carry out their roles.
  3. Personal needs
    All employees have different needs - make sure you’re considering everyone’s specific wellbeing and personal responsibilities outside of the workplace.
  4. Smarter working
    The last few months have no doubt shifted the way people work, with many of us working from home/remotely. It’s helpful to consider how people have adapted to this change and how this could affect ways of working in the future.


This is still such an uncertain time, so it’s more important than ever to be constantly communicating with your people.

The 16 short questions in our Return to Work survey are specific to these 4 areas.




Our powerful language analysis turns free text comments into data you can make decisions on. It can understand employees’ feelings and opinions instantly, at scale and without bias. It’s easy to set up and we’ll even give you email templates so you barely have to lift a finger to organise it.

The best bit is that it’s completely free.


Do you need to know if your employees are ready to return to your company workplace?

Qlearsite's Return to Work survey will help you quickly understand health and safety concerns, personal needs and preferences for future ways of working.

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