4 useful resources for working women

10 Mar 21 | Blog

Despite the progress society has made, women still face challenges when it comes to career progression and recognition. These are just a few we can name:

  • Gender pay gap: the current gender pay gap in the UK is 36%. Part of the reason for that is the fact that women’s representation in higher positions is much lower than men’s
  • Low c-suite representation: a study by McKinsey reports that 1 in 5 c-suite leaders are women and only 1 in 25 C-suite leaders is a woman of colour
  • Microaggression: microaggression is when a person or group of people are exposed to sexism or racism on a daily basis. 40% of black women reported they have had their subject of expertise questioned, as opposed to 27% of men
  • Imposter syndrome: this is a problem for both men and women. However, a woman is more likely to apply for a job if they meet 100% of the criteria whereas a man will apply if they meet 60% of the criteria. 

Again, the same McKinsey study has found that during the pandemic women gained representation but, due to the increased amount of childcare and caregiving, burnout is still on the rise. One in three women has considered leaving their work or taking a step back in their career. This almost double the number of men following taking the same step. 

None of these challenges have a quick fix – so we’ve rounded up a few resources that could make being a working woman a little easier:

5 useful resources for working women

1. The Muse

The Muse isn’t only a place for job advertisements but a great source for career advice and coaching for women It can help with practical steps on how to find the right job, explore different career paths and grow in the job you already have. 

Anyone who is looking for improving their interview skills, creating a CV that stands out from the crowd or feels stuck in their career, will find this website beneficial. 

2. Pregnant then screwed

Being a working mum doesn’t only mean you need to juggle your job, childcare and anything that comes in between. Too often, becoming a mother means sacrificing your career, slowing your progression at work, and missing out on promotions while you are on maternity leave. 

Pregnant then screwed is a leading charity working to end the motherhood penalty. They offer advice for working mums and pregnant women for free. On their website, you can find different training and events, real stories, and campaigns you can take part in. 

3. Lean In 

Lean In values the power of the community. They work towards helping women achieve their ambitions and succeed in their careers. They also help organisations to create more inclusive environments where everyone has the equal opportunity to thrive. 

Lean In offers an allyship training program for anyone who wants to have a meaningful impact in building an inclusive company culture. 

4. Greater Good Magazine 

Greater Good magazine’s article is an insightful piece that includes many helpful resources around the topic of wellbeing, gender equality and inclusion. 

There are five sections that cover gender equality, stress and self-care, resources for the workplace, resources for parents and for relationships, and more insights for gender. 

We often talk about the importance of inclusion, as a crucial element of having a strong and high-performing organisation. Using real stats and facts and practical advice our inclusion guide will help you understand inclusion better and will explain how you can promote it in your own workplace.

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