5 of the ‘best places to work’ and what they have in common

10 Feb 22 | Blog

Work plays a big role in our lives. According to research, British workers spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifetime. Due to the pandemic and during lockdown, working hours for some people even increased.

Looking at these numbers is not surprising that we want to be happy at work. Higher wages, supportive managers and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance are some of the key factors that make a workplace a good one.

But employees’ happiness doesn’t only benefit your staff. It’s good for the organisation too as happy employees are 12% more productive.

We considered a few of the key components that make a good workplace, and pulled together a list of some of the ‘best’ companies to work for.

1. Hilton

The pandemic proved to be one of the most challenging times for the hospitality industry. Hilton, one of the leading global hospitality companies responded to the employees’ needs by developing impactful programs such as Courageous Conversations and global virtual learning series dedicated to diversity, equality and inclusion. Thanks to these efforts, the company has been recognised for its exceptional and resilient work culture and has been awarded the Best Place to Work in 2021 and it ranked number 3 in the Best Place to Work for Women.

“This recognition is a true testament to the culture we have built together and that we’ve worked so hard to protect during the most challenging year in our history. Our commitment  to  creating a great place to work for all  has never been stronger, and I look forward to what the future holds.”

Chris Nassetta, President  and CEO, Hilton

2. Cisco

Cisco is a technology company that ranked number 2 in both UK’s Best Places to Work 2021 and Uk’s Best Workplaces in Tech 2021. The company has created a culture of authenticity and belonging where everyone can be who they are, improve their skills and grow.

“Great fun learning new skills, friendly environment with very helpful staff, achieved lots of new goals and helped me feel more confident in the workplace”

Former Cisco employee

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a global leader in Customer Relationship Management that has ranked number 1 in UK’s Best Place to Work for Women, and number 3 in UK Best Places to Work awards for 2021.

The opportunities for growth and the supportive environment are some of the things employees appreciate the most in the company.

“One of the best things about working at Salesforce is the opportunity it provides you to continuously learn and explore different roles. The support and encouragement from my managers has been amazing and my career has gone from strength to strength.”

Charlotte, Corporate Marketing Senior Manager

4. DHL

DHL is a leading global transportation company that has ranked number 4 in the UK’s Best Places to Work in 2021, and it’s been certified a Great Place to Work for 2022.

One of the main things employees seem to value the most is the motivational culture the company successfully built. DHL also continuously puts people’s safety and wellbeing first and listens to their concerns, so it’s not a surprise that their people are happy to be part of the organisation.

“The best decision I have ever made was starting at DHL Express and continuing my journey with them. We work with some beautiful people from all walks of life and it’s the people that keep us here”

Current employee

5. Admiral Group

Admiral Group is part of the Financial Services and Insurance. They are number 5 in the UK’s Best Places to Work publication, and it ranks number 2 in UK’s Best Places to Work for Women. The company philosophy is based on creating an inclusive and supportive culture where everyone can thrive at what they do, improve their skill set and grow.

“Admiral offers all the foundations for you to build a successful career. The company has a great focus on employee development and wellbeing. Admiral is consistently recognised as a great place to work, which I believe stems from our core values as a business. A simple message of ‘People who like what they do, do it better’ rings true throughout the departments I have worked in during my time here.”

Admiral Group employee

These are just a few of the ‘best places to work’, according to this list. Though they are in different industries, what they have in common is that they really put their people first.

By creating an inclusive environment, working on promoting wellbeing, career progression and equality, these organisations seem to understand the importance of employee value proposition. And last but not least – they prove that listening is the best strategy to understand what your teams need, and what could be improved in the workplace.

Not sure how your people feel at work? Qlearsite can help. We offer an Employee Experience survey that can measure 4 core areas of experience: Rewards & Recognition, Daily Experience, HR Service and Environment. Using your scores in these areas, and any open-text feedback, we show you the experience of working at your organisation – and where you should focus.

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