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A personal message to you from our Co-founders regarding COVID-19

Alex Borekull

Last week’s news from the UK Government means that we can now be certain Coronavirus will impact all of us. But how it will do so, and with what consequences, remains extremely uncertain.

Qlearsite is a team of over fifty people and an adviser to many organisations of all sizes. As such, we are very aware that all employers will be urgently considering their responsibilities to their people.

Many of your colleagues will need to rapidly change their working practices and adapt to new, challenging circumstances. Some of your people and their families will be directly affected by this unprecedented health emergency – they are likely to face those challenges in isolation.

How we can help

On Thursday 12 March 2020, we asked everyone who works at Qlearsite to complete a short survey. We needed to know if our people were informed, cared for, enabled to work and if we were meeting our responsibilities as an employer. Their answers will guide our actions over the next, critical weeks.

We reviewed a short report that summarises our team’s feedback and answers. The report is deliberately very concise, making clear our priorities and focussing us on our next steps. It will be invaluable insight into the readiness of Qlearsite and our people for the challenges ahead.

This is a universal need. We understand that. So we will offer to deliver the same survey, free of charge to any employer of fifty people or more. We know time is short, so we will help as many organisations as we can over the next week and keep this webpage updated.

We believe, in this uncertain time, it has never been more important to listen to your people. This offer is our attempt to help as best we can.

Pete, Alex and the Qlearsite team

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