Charlie and Qlearsite are now integrated!

May 5, 2023 | Blog

As a CharlieHR customer ourselves, we’re thrilled to share the great news of our integration with CharlieHR! At Qlearsite, our Employee Retention platform is powered by employee data. We believe that connecting HR data to employee feedback is the key to managing employee retention effectively. With our integration to CharlieHR, you can now manage your employee feedback programmes seamlessly to help you retain your core talent. What does this mean for you as a CharlieHR customer? Well, for starters, you get a 10% discount when you sign up for Qlearsite. But that’s not all – our integration makes it easy for you to connect your CharlieHR data to our platform in just minutes. Once connected, you can start capturing feedback using our survey templates and choose from 24+ employee experience topics or even design your own. With over 300 expert-designed questions and support for 16+ languages, you can start capturing feedback in no time. What’s even better is that once your survey closes, you’ll have access to insights without needing to crunch any numbers. Our platform offers driver analysis, heatmaps, and automatic reports. These flexible views are easily shared with for your teams, departments and managers. With Qlearsite, you can also track the impact and performance of your retention and employee feedback programs using our action plans, comparison, trends, and benchmarks. This ensures that you’re always measuring what matters and meeting your goals.

But perhaps the best part of our partnership is that there are no hidden costs.

Integrations, unlimited surveys, all functionality, and product support with access to experts when you need them, everything is included. Plus, running diagnostic surveys, deep dives, pulse, or lifecycle questionnaires is hassle-free. And don’t worry, no coding is requiredsetting up your integration is as easy as copy-paste.
Charlie HR and Qlearsite

We know Charlie works

At Qlearsite, we take great pride in our relationship with the CharlieHR team, because we’re a CharlieHR customer. We know first-hand that Charlie is great at managing the basics of the employee experience. From employee record management and logging holidays to generating a company handbook and performance reviews, CharlieHR has you covered. Connecting Charlie to a feedback platform like Qlearsite takes your engagement and feedback programmes to another level.

So, if you’re a CharlieHR customer, we highly recommend that you consider Qlearsite to manage your employee retention and feedback programme in one platform. We hope you’ll join us in this exciting journey of transforming employee retention!

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