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D&I Don’ts in review: what we learned in 2020

Lydia Watson

While the world was overwhelmed by the devastating, difficult-to-tackle coronavirus this year, that wasn’t the only sickness we saw. Racism, in all its forms, came to the fore once again – highlighting its continued presence in our societies, and the importance of continuing to challenge its existence.

Measuring inclusion is hard – but we can help

With inequity at all levels of society, some of that responsibility falls to organisations – and the people that make them – to start taking action. That’s why our consultants took time to consider the ‘D&I Don’ts’ that can be avoided as a starting point. Here’s what they discussed this year – read on to be challenged, inspired, and start driving change:

D&I Don’ts: Benchmarking your level of inclusion

Benchmarks: they’re usually a helpful way to understand how well you’re doing, compared to other organisations. But for diversity and inclusion, it’s more complicated than that.

D&I Don’ts: Measuring diversity, but not inclusion

Is your organisation diverse? If so, great! But that doesn’t mean you’re scoring high for inclusion. Understanding how included different groups feel is what really matters.

D&I Don’ts: saying “I don’t see colour”

It’s great to ‘mean well’, but that doesn’t absolve you of a lack of real understanding. Learn why it’s important to see colour, and recognise the different challenges and experiences people face.

D&I Don’ts: overlooking the power of positive action

Beyond understanding the problem, what can you actually do? Learn what positive action is, and the steps you as a business leader or manager can take in your organisation.

D&I Don’ts: using the terms ‘BAME’

Language matters – so choose your words wisely as an organisation. This piece explains why the term BAME is best avoided, and how it’s ‘othering’ to disparate ethnic minority groups.

D&I Don’ts: Failing to tackle systemic bias

Whatever their personal views, it’s up to business leaders and managers to tackle systemic bias in their organisation. Learn what that means, and what practical steps can be taken.

D&I Don’ts: a lack of diversity in your leadership team

Change has to come from the top – and that means casting a critical eye over organisations’ leadership teams. From role models to equal representation, inclusion needs to start there.

Learn more in our D&I Don’ts webinar series

Want to hear more from our consultant team, drawing on their extensive experience of organisations across industries? Watch part 1 and 2 of our D&I Don’ts webinar series, to hear their expert advice – and the role our technology plays in measuring inclusion:

Watch D&I Dont’s webinar Part 1

Watch D&I Dont’s webinar Part 2

At Qlearsite, we’re passionate about promoting inclusion in organisations across industries – and strongly believe our technology can help drive change. From our work in the Savings & Investment industry with the Diversity Project, to a range of other projects, we can support your organisation too. Find out more:

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