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Diversity & Inclusion : The changing landscape

We're proud to announce that we are sponsors of enei's 'D&I: the changing landscape' conference held on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at the Natwest Building in Liverpool Street. 

The world we live and work in is changing and so is the focus on equality and inclusion. An unsettled political environment, Brexit, terror attacks on home soil and overseas, an increase in fake news and leaders being held instantly accountable for comments or accusations made on social media, have had a significant impact on the focus and challenges for D&I.

At the same time, this environment has also created opportunities.  People are being empowered to speak out about behaviours and views that they believe to be biased and groups that might be adversely affected. In turn, this increases the information that is available to us on D&I issues and help us to plan initiatives accordingly.

Join us on 14 March 2018 to learn about how the landscape for D&I is changing and what you can do to stay ahead of the issues.

Visit the enei Conference website for more details and the full programme.