From 100s of employee feedback tools, here’s how to choose

4 Apr 22 | Blog

How do you choose a new phone? You start off with what you’ll use it for. Do you need a long battery life for those non-stop days, or an impressive camera to keep your Instagram fresh, or just something basic that lets you make calls? Then you consider budget, and hey presto – your decision is made!

It’s the same for selecting the right software. We’ve answered some of the important questions, to help you make a choice.

There are a lot of online employee feedback tools: what’s the difference?

Just a quick search for online survey platforms can be overwhelming: there are 100s to choose from! But although they do essentially the same thing – collect feedback – not all of them are made equal.

    • Basic survey builders: on the simplest end of the scale, these are survey tools that ask you to do all the work – writing questions and manually distributing the survey – perhaps with some basic functionality around question types

    • Multi-function survey tools: in the middle, you have slightly more advanced tools – allowing you to add ‘logic flows’ and with a wider range of question types, from Likert scale to multiple choice. These aren’t tailored for a specific use, and could be used for things like customer feedback or market research

    • Employee feedback tools: offering a more specific purpose, these survey platforms are designed with employee feedback collection in mind. They often include prewritten question sets, benchmarking, and a more sophisticated way to analyse the data

If you’re looking to collect employee feedback, the last option is your best bet – as these are platforms specifically built with workplaces in mind, so you’ll get more useful results.

What are the best employee feedback platforms for businesses?

So we’ve narrowed it down. But that still gives you a lot of options. To narrow down which are the best tools for business, there are three main questions to ask:

1. What will you use it for?

When you’re looking for a new employee feedback platform, you’ll have some purpose in mind. Maybe you’re just designing a new listening strategy – or you might have a specific challenge, like raising employee retention rates or understanding how to improve hybrid working in your teams. Whatever the intended purpose, knowing the answer will help you understand what features you really need.

2. What features do you need?

This is where it gets slightly more complicated. But think of it like this: if you have a specific challenge, you need to collect specific feedback. Does the platform you’re considering offer a range of prewritten survey questions, carefully designed to get accurate answers. If you need a tool to back up your listening strategy, does it offer a helpful way to share reports and results with leaders?

3. What is your budget?

As always, it all comes down to this: what’s your budget? Do you have a budget? When it comes to different providers, some of the bigger names will set you back a fair chunk – which can be hard to get approved if you’re not the decision-maker. For a small business, you need to know you’re investing into the right tool… and that it won’t cost the earth.

Are there any free survey tools?

There are a number of free survey platforms available, but it’s worth considering that 100% free online survey tools won’t deliver the quality insights you really need. The whole point of surveying your employees is to get constructive feedback that leads to real change.

You can use the free version of our platform for 21 days, and affordable forever – from just £99 per month. And that means you get expert-written surveys, industry-leading technology, and industry know-how. Much better than your average free survey tool!

What are employee feedback best practices?

If you’re new to collecting employee feedback, it’s hard to get it right. There’s a lot you should bear in mind – here are just a few examples:

    • What questions you ask

    • Using demographic data

    • How to analyse the results

If it feels overwhelming, don’t worry. You don’t need to know everything: that’s what employee feedback platforms, like ours, are for. We’ve designed every aspect of our platform with ‘best practices’ in mind – from short, easy-to-answer question templates, to technology that analyses answers for you.

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