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Introducing Qlearsite Foundation: faster, simpler surveys

David Stobs-Stobart

Five months ago, I joined Qlearsite as Head of Product and I was immediately impressed by the quality of the team, the attention and care paid to our customer base, and the variety, sophistication, and configurability of our survey and analysis tools.  

Adapting to a changing employee survey market

The market trend was playing out as we expected – customers were moving away from sending large, bloated surveys once a year. Organisations were becoming increasingly cynical, as those surveys yielded no positive change or impact on day-to-day work.  

Helping customers affect change and find their people power is our core mission, and at the heart of our product strategy is the goal of delivering high quality insights, and helping to start conversations that are enabled across all levels of your organisation.  But how best to do this?

Now more than ever, organisations need answers – often and fast

Real-time employee experience data isn’t the answer, as some of our competitors think. Customers soon find the constant low quality noise is just not valuable for decision-making and doesn’t lead to positive change.  

We needed to create a much faster, simpler survey approach – one that would retain the quality of traditional surveys, but allow you to more frequently tap into what your teams care about or how they feel.  

Crucially, we believe it is ‘what happens after the survey closes’ where we can make the biggest difference. This means making the survey experience effortless, so leaders in an organisation can use the results to start that conversation about change.

Until now, you’ve been stuck with either choosing simple or choosing expensive.  Realising that this presented a gap in the market, we set out to offer a new alternative.  Today, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Qlearsite Foundation to help you build a better employee experience.

Qlearsite Foundation: our building process

Step 1: create a faster, simpler user journey

Our first major task was to create a user journey that was fast and simple enough for anyone to use.  That led us to rethink the workflow that, until now, had been a collaboration between our customers and our highly experienced implementation teams and consultants.  

Key to this was the creation of a comprehensive question bank, with 20+ surveys to analyse every important aspect of a well-functioning team.

In our research, we typically found that teams spend a lot of time debating what to ask and usually end up with an overly verbose, long-winded survey that takes too much time to complete – which negatively impacts response rates.  Our question bank sidesteps that debate and drastically shortens the time it takes to publish a live survey.  Collecting data multiple times a year will now be a lot easier. 

With years of experience in calibrating and benchmarking the questions, our surveys allow you, at any stage of your journey, to use them with confidence and know that you’re not asking too much of your teams. 

Step 2: help identify the issues you can’t ignore

Our second major task was to deliver the results of the survey in a way that helps you find the ‘issues you can’t ignore’, providing the tools to create the conversation that leads to actual change.

We encourage all our customers to be open and transparent with their teams.  It’s the first step in building a culture of improvement and change.  But often the complexity of the tools, or the lack of engagement from managers and team leaders, results in a “so what?” response when they see the results of a survey.

We believe solving that is part user experience, part data quality.  Time-poor leaders don’t have time to reflect on whether they’re interpreting the results correctly.  

The benefit of our prewritten surveys is it allows us to use highly sophisticated tools to provide much more meaningful insights. That means you can get to the root causes of issues raised by the team – all delivered in a way that avoids bias and is simple enough that anyone can use regardless of their job title or past experience.  

The future of Qlearsite Foundation

Our vision for Qlearsite Foundation is that anyone in your organisation can interact with the results in a dynamic way without training, and as soon as the survey has closed.

It’s this first experience of the data, reading the results for the first time, which will help you start a conversation that will lead to change at a team and individual level.

As we build out our features, we look forward to sharing our progress with you. Our priority for the next six months is to create a flexible, interactive, and engaging way to share and talk about your survey results across the team.  

We’re also working on surfacing our benchmarks into the results, so there’s full clarity when you ask yourself “I wonder how this compares to…”  – where previously benchmark data was only available to our customers on premium packages.

For too long, our market has had to put up with expensive tools that don’t deliver.  It’s time we changed that: let us show you the difference.

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It’s time to start the conversation

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