IRIS & Qlearsite: partners with a passion for creating better workplaces

6 Apr 22 | Blog, Partner

Qlearsite and IRIS share a passion for improving workplaces and working lives – providing the tools that HR professionals and leaders need.

It’s 2022, and COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we think about ways of working.

Organisations are still adapting to hybrid working as the new normal, ‘The Great Resignation’ threatens to disrupt workforces and impact profits, and existing challenges around inclusion are still as present as ever. Clearly, fast and insightful employee feedback has never been more important.

From speaking to our customers, we’ve learned that basic survey capability – as an add-on to their HR systems – is simply not good enough. You need ‘best in class’ tools rather than an average ‘all-in-one’ platform, real insights instead of surface-level survey scores. And you need to be able to act fast.

That’s why we’re partnering with IRIS to create better workplaces

IRIS is a leader in business-critical software, and we’re proud to join forces in partnership together. Trusted by over 120,000 organisations, from FTSE100 companies to micro-businesses, IRIS is one of the UK’s largest privately held software companies – and one with a reputation that needs no explaining. 

Above all, Qlearsite and IRIS share a passion for improving workplaces and working lives – providing the tools that HR professionals and leaders need.

With this partnership, our joint goal is to help our customers create exceptional employee experiences by complementing IRIS’s industry-leading HR management software with Qlearsite’s innovative employee feedback platform – a faster, simpler way to get powerful insights.

“We’re super excited about our partnership with IRIS. It’s an excellent example of a partnership that was formed based on two organisations’ common passion for creating better workplaces. Together, we will offer faster, easier, and more affordable access to industry-leading HR software.”

Alex Borekull, CEO and co-founder of Qlearsite

Interested in partnering with Qlearsite? 

We partner with organisations focused on creating better workplaces, by using our powerful technology and insights. We offer the tools, resources and knowledge you need to successfully deliver employee initiatives to your clients – with our full support. Whether it’s a referral partnership, a reseller partnership, or a technology partnership, we’re open for a discussion.

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"Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives."