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Introducing Qlearsite’s new brand, vision, and mission

Alex Borekull

The past year hasn’t been easy for people leaders. Across industries and around the world, they’ve been faced with unprecedented challenges – ones that have changed the workplace forever. Now, more than ever, we feel we need to provide the tools, tech, and theory to help organisations stay resilient and reactive.

To make this a reality, we’re proud to announce that Qlearsite has refreshed its brand identity – all to better support your goals of creating stronger teams, better employee experiences, and subsequently boosting productivity, profits, service, and growth. Or, in other words, to help you find your people power.

Qlearsite’s brand story: from then, to now

Today, we provide an employee experience platform – one that’s powered by Smart Reader technology. But we began in 2015 as a tech consultancy, rooted in organisational science and people analytics. “Incredibly smart but complex” was the type of feedback we’d get – which is a big compliment, but not for everyone.

We’ve evolved into a company with a ‘people purpose’. We’ve built a platform that improves working lives, and adds huge value to organisations and their employees. Now we have a brand to match.

Our vision: help organisations find their ‘People Power’

What is people power? When you understand that your employees are the sole reason for your success, that’s people power. It’s why making good hiring decisions matters, it’s why retention matters, it’s why providing progression opportunities matter. Because without a strong team, an idea is just an idea. 

When you can optimise your people’s happiness, productivity, job satisfaction, and yes, engagement, your organisation can withstand even the toughest of setbacks – and perform better than ever.

Our mission: create honest conversations

How do you find your people power? By starting an honest conversation. By listening to what everyone has to say, and responding with your words and actions. That improves their working lives, and your organisation’s performance.


Qlearsite logo

A brand new look, and a brand new website

Qlearsite is accessible, modern, flexible, simple, and diverse. We thought our branding and website should reflect that, so you might recognise some changes. Why not take some time to explore our new look, and see what insights we have to offer?

An image of organisational Fitness

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions – if you want to be part of an honest conversation, get in touch.

It’s time to start the conversation

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