“What’s the Deel?” Meet our newest integration partner…

May 30, 2023 | Blog

Qlearsite and Deel have formed an exciting partnership to revolutionize HR and global team management. By integrating their platforms, businesses gain a comprehensive solution that combines streamlined global hiring, HR, payroll, and advanced employee retention analytics. This partnership empowers companies to scale their global operations with ease and make data-driven decisions to improve employee engagement and retention.

Global Team Management Made Effortless

Deel, the leading global hiring and HR platform, simplifies worldwide business expansion. Hire contractors and employees globally, remain compliant, and eliminate the need for legal entities. With Deel’s robust system handles hiring, HR administration, and consolidated payroll, enabling businesses to focus on talent acquisition and growth rather than administrative complexities.

Enhanced Employee Retention Solutions with Qlearsite

Qlearsite, a renowned provider of employee retention solutions, empowers People Teams to proactively address attrition risks. Integrated with Qlearsite, companies using Deel can leverage powerful analytics and employee surveys to gain deeper insights into their workforce. By understanding the drivers behind attrition, businesses can enhance engagement and implement effective retention strategies.

Impact of Deel data + Qlearsite analytics

Key Benefits of the Partnership

Streamlined Global Team Management: The integrated solution simplifies global team management, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational efficiency.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Deel ensures compliance with international employment regulations, minimizing legal risks. The partnership with Qlearsite allows businesses to identify attrition risks and implement targeted strategies.

Actionable Insights for Retention: Qlearsite’s analytics capabilities help businesses understand employee feedback and plan impactful retention strategies.

Time and Cost Savings: Automation and consolidation within a single system save time and resources, enabling HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and talent development.

Deel Integration with Qlearsite

The partnership between Qlearsite and Deel offers a comprehensive solution for global team management and employee retention. With Deel’s integrated global hiring, HR, and payroll capabilities combined with Qlearsite’s advanced analytics, businesses can unlock insights, enhance employee engagement, and mitigate attrition risks. This collaboration propels businesses towards sustained growth, operational excellence, and an exceptional employee experience on a global scale.

Learn more about how Qlearsite and Deel can transform your global team management and retention strategies.