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Qlearsite employee engagement technology expands into the Nordics

Alex Borekull

Qlearsite works with companies across the UK, Western Europe and North America to provide advanced employee engagement surveys. They have now opened a dedicated office to serve Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, based in Oslo, Norway.

With 3 big clients in the Nordics, Qlearsite’s Norway office will help progressive companies in the region who want to understand how to build a highly engaged company.


Leading survey technology platform

“We’ve made big leaps in the past 12 months,” says Peter Clark, Co-Founder at Qlearsite.

“Our tech is based on world-leading language analysis, which means we can instantly turn written responses – from any number of employees – into useful, measurable data. We’ve also upgraded our technology so that it’s lean, scalable and easy to use. This, combined with a growing team and customer base, means it’s the perfect time to launch into new markets.”

“To build a great company, you need a deep understanding of how employees can drive value. The Nordic region has definitely embraced this idea in recent decades, as well as progressive and agile ways of working. We’re looking forward to working with more businesses in the Nordics who put their people first, knowing it’ll be reflected in their profit and productivity.”


Qlearsite’s growth plans

“We’ve always planned to expand further into Europe,” says Alex Borekull, Co-Founder at Qlearsite.

“Our new customers in the Nordics means we’ve brought this forward earlier than planned. The feedback we get is that our technology and the language processing capability is better than anything else in the market, so we knew that the time was right to build the team out there. We’re excited to be on the ground in Oslo, where we are already working with some great companies such as Otiga Group, Norselab and Documaster.” Alex Borekull, CEO.


About the new Nordics office

The Nordics Sales team will be led by Mats Langfeldt Dahlback – a talented and experienced Business Development Manager. Mats joins Qlearsite Nordics having worked in HR technology companies for the past 4 years.

Qlearsite: Karenslyst Alle 9a, Oslo, 0278, Norway


Phone: +47 948 04393


Nordics Customer Success Stories

To find out how other companies in the region have leveraged the Qlearsite survey technology and gathered valuable insight you can read more here:

Documaster: Helping a fast growing tech company maintain their culture as they scale

Norse Digital: Understanding employee feedback to drive company change


About Qlearsite

Qlearsite uses shorter, smarter employee surveys, combined with advanced language analysis to quickly turn employee opinions, written in their own words, into valuable, meaningful data. The insight helps companies understand their teams and how they feel, so that the business can set clear, measurable actions and make the changes they need to stay happy, strong and productive.

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