Readiness - Care in the new world

Steffi Maranan

Steffi Maranan

It’s more important than ever to care for your employees

When the unexpected happens, your whole organisation might have to act fast to adapt. Things can get frantic, but there’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook - the care of your employees. It’s more important than ever.

Coronavirus is affecting every business and every country in the world. How you care for your employees now will contribute to how they deal with the uncertainty - are you considering the personal needs of your people? Are managers actively supporting them?

If they feel supported and cared for, they’ll be able to do their job to the best of their ability.

There are 3 main factors when it comes to caring for your employees:



This has the most impact on your employees.

All parts of our lives are being affected - jobs, businesses and home life. Kids are out of school, we’ve very suddenly lost social interactions and there’s a monumental effort to look after vulnerable people and keep everyone fed. These are anxious times for everyone.

Make sure managers are actively checking on the welfare of their team, and supporting them where possible.



The uncertainty will affect people differently, depending on their circumstances. 

Some employees may be living with children and other family members, or some may be on their own. Some might have people in their lives who are part of the 1.5 million who’ve been identified by the government as being particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

It’s important for managers to adjust to the personal situations and needs of their team as situations change - being considerate of each individual makes all the difference.



Consistent connection is vital, especially when employees can’t physically interact as they usually would.

With many people working from home, you’ve got to communicate frequently and stay connected.

  • Webcams make meetings more personable.
  • Arrange catch-ups that aren’t work-related. 
  • Managers should proactively speak to their team to help them adapt to the changes.


Care for your employees so they can care for your business

Care is part of our readiness framework - we’ve designed it to measure how ready your organisation is to respond to all challenges, but Coronavirus in particular.

Find out more about our free Readiness Assessment for your business by clicking here.


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