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Safety first – 4 health & safety must-haves when returning to work

Steffi Maranan

Fingers crossed we’re over the worst of the pandemic. Businesses are tentatively opening, and everyone’s talking about going back to all kinds of workplaces. It’s early days but it’s a start.

If you’ve not already done it, use our free Return to Work survey to find the best way to start getting your company back to normal.

It considers every little detail of what you need to think about, and you’ll get a comprehensive list of concerns your people have. Use it to create a plan that’s specific to your business.


A big part of everyone’s worries is health and safety

The Return to Work survey covers this and more, but these 4 things are what you need to consider.

Speak to your people – you won’t know the specific worries everyone has without carefully listening to them.

Policies – it’s crucial your people know with absolute certainty what your guidance is. Whatever plan you decide on, it has to be crystal clear, and the policies should consider everyone’s personal circumstances.

Travel – everyone who’s travelling to work needs to know they can do it as safely as possible.

Environment – wherever people are working, they need to know what you’ve done to make them safe. This is the government’s current guidance on what you can do. If you’re lucky enough that your workplace doesn’t need much change, you still need to communicate that – show you’ve checked and considered it.

As we’ve said, our survey does all the thinking for you, so you can get on with strategy and ideas to make your business as strong as possible.


Do you need to know if your employees are ready to return to your company workplace?

Qlearsite’s Return to Work survey will help you quickly understand health and safety concerns, personal needs and preferences for future ways of working.

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