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Smart surveys are short surveys: 4 reasons why

Lydia Watson

There’s no doubt in our mind: employee surveys are the best way to drive change. So why do so many people think they’re a waste of time? Because, all too often, they are.

Your employees don’t want to spend over an hour answering a survey, especially if they don’t see the point. And if you’re not getting enough quality feedback, then it’s a pointless activity for you both. Our surveys take under 10 minutes, for a few simple reasons:

Reason 1: higher response rates

It’s tempting to ask absolutely everything you want to know – and some surveys can get worryingly close to 100 questions as a result. But if you’ve ever given up and closed a browser window halfway through a survey, you’ll know that it can hurt your response rates.

Keep it short, and you’ll know what more of your people are thinking – instead of the 23% who struggled through to the end. That means data you can base change on.

Reason 2: lower survey response fatigue

What are your employee survey objectives? A 100% response rate isn’t necessarily cause for celebration. If your team has been hit by survey fatigue – where they get tired halfway through, and don’t consider their answers – then you’ll be dealing with bad data. Ever chosen ‘B’ for every multiple choice quiz at school?

Bad data means misleading insights, and it could lead to you making changes that actually make things worse. So really – short is best.

Reason 3: employees stay willing to feedback

Surveys aren’t a ‘one and done’ activity. To track the impact of any initiatives you’ve made, you need to keep sending them. To stop your team rolling their eyes at the prospect of another 45-minute session, keep it short – and with a promise of a follow-up.

It’s a double threat: employees will know they can complete a short survey in a spare 15 minutes, and they’ll look forward to seeing the results, and hearing about your initiatives.

Reason 4: it means you can make a real impact

Reason 1-3? All ways of getting reliable, accurate data and enough of it. Once you’ve got that, you’ll be able to uncover insights that identify your next steps. And more importantly, you’ll have the numbers you need to back it up to your senior team.

Because don’t forget: you’re not just running a survey to measure engagement, wellbeing, or another aspect of employee experience. You’re doing it to work out how to improve it.

Get better employee data with Qlearsite

When it comes to employee engagement questions, we ask less than 25 questions – a mix of open and closed text. That takes around 7 minutes, and gives you both engagement insights plus a view of your broader organisational fitness.

We can ask so few questions because we’ve pinpointed the ones most closely related to what you need to know. The data is turned to insights, using Smart Reader tech, so you can turn those findings into actions in the survey dashboard. It’s all about making change happen.

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