The top 5 most interesting predictions for 2022

12 Jan 22 | Blog

Less than a month ago, we were busy planning family Christmas dinners, office parties (for some companies!), gift shopping, and spending time with friends and relatives. Now the festive season is over and it’s time to start working on our New Year’s resolutions and to look at what this year holds for us. 

Some of the hot topics of last year – employee wellbeing, hybrid work, and climate change are on the agenda for 2022, and it will be interesting to follow up on the results. But what else should we expect from the coming months? 

We gathered together some of the best summary articles that tell us more about the predictions for this year. 

1. 7 future of work predictions for 2022

Marren Thomas Bannon for Forbes

In the past two years, companies had to change their ways of working in order to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the pandemic. But in 2022, remote and hybrid working isn’t something new. Now the focus has shifted from whether this model is good or not, to how to actually make it a sustainable working model long term. 

From improving software automation and tools, to creating a company culture where everyone feels included, to the great talent reshuffle, this article gives a good overview of what organisations should focus on in the new year. 

 “One trend I’m watching closely as ‘office walls’ continue coming down is the great talent reshuffle. I think of it as unique talent from unthought of places. For example, why can’t a high school social studies teacher be an amazing customer support person or an online community manager? As being co-located near offices becomes more flexible, we’ll see roles do the same.”

Elizabeth Weil

Founder and Managing Partner at Scribble Ventures


2. Diversity and Inclusion in 2022 – What you should know

Posted by DiversityQ

The Diversity & Inclusion problem is not a new one. But since the beginning of the pandemic, organisations are facing even bigger challenges. Remote working models and the great resignation are some of the factors that will shape future D&I policies. 

In this article published by DiversityQ you can read about this year predictions including what training talent will look like and how to figure out efficient ways of working in the hybrid world. 

“Improving diversity within the tech industry is a crucial element in developing the best new technology, closing the skills gap, and creating an inclusive culture. As we head into 2022, this should be a top priority for every organisation in the tech industry.”

Mini Biswas

Pre-Sales Manager at Node4


“Strategies to support hybrid working are no longer optional and employers should have a New Year’s resolution to evaluate their current provisions against future needs if they haven’t already done so. This should include workspace design, flexible technology and equipment to deliver for their employees’ wellbeing and effective on- and off-site team collaboration.”

Richard Guy

UK Sales Manager at Ergotron summarises


3. 2022 Workforce Mental Health Trends Forecast 

Posteb by The Lyra Team

One positive trend we saw since the pandemic hit is that the organisations took employee wellbeing seriously. The conversation will be continued this year as well with focus on providing mental health support for employees and their children, destigmatising serious mental health conditions, and preventing burnout. 

“Over the past year and a half, employers have witnessed COVID-19’s mental health fallout not only for workers but also their children and families. While nearly one in five children had a mental health condition pre-pandemic, that number appears to have risen.”

Learn more about the mental health predictions for 2022 in the article. 


4. 7 ways HR will look different in 2022

Lars Shmidt for Fast Company

When we talk about the future of the workplace in 2022 we can’t skip the role of HR. These are the people who have been writing and rewriting tirelessly work policies, trying to find what works best for both organisations and their employees. 

The article covers topics around talent mobility, redefining where, when and how work happens and the new mix of technology that is on the rise. 

“The great reset requires HR to examine our practices, shed the ones that no longer serve our companies and employees. It requires a shift away from prescribed playbooks of HR programs and a willingness to pilot and adopt new practices. It will be centered on employee experience and co-created with our employees.”


5. These Will Be Fast-Growing Trends In 2022

Jack Kelly for Forbes

Is the four-day week finally going to happen this year? Are companies going to be proactive and reward working mothers? Will 2022 be the year in which mental health and wellbeing is brought to the forefront? 

This article gives clarity about these questions and a broader overview of some other fast-growing trends for this year. 

As it’s said in this article, “making a “prediction” is a sophisticated way of saying you’re making a guess as to what will happen in the future.” But there’s no doubt that conversations about the future of work, employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and climate change will be in the spotlight. 


With so much change happening make sure to check on your employee’s mental and emotional wellbeing. We’ve created a Wellbeing Survey that helps you measure employee wellness so you can understand the state of wellbeing in your teams – and find out what’s impacting it. 

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