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Update from our Co-founders on the launch of Road to Recovery™

Peter Clark

Update: Monday 27 April 2020

The ‘Road to Recovery’

The adrenaline and shock of the first days of the COVID-19 crisis have passed. In its place, a feeling of uncertainty. Many are wondering what 2020 holds for us, our organisations and our societies.

There is little we can be sure of, except that the economic impact of this crisis will be deep and that our ‘ways of working’ will be significantly changed. There is a new normal, it is ‘business as unusual’.

How do we respond to the ‘New Normal’? How can we create resilient cultures and strengthen our organisations for the fast-approaching cold economic climate? What should we do now, today?

We believe this is a pivotal moment for many organisations, the decisions made in the next weeks could have long lasting, far reaching consequences. That is why we are offering the Road to Recovery™ – a free employee feedback programme with tools designed to inform your most urgent, critical people decisions.


1. Adapt – Respond to a sudden change

When lockdown began, Qlearsite was the first employee survey platform to offer its tech for free to all organisations. It was a crisis and a critical moment, and we wanted to respond and help.

Within four days of lockdown, we launched our Responsiveness Survey. It helped organisations understand if their people felt supported, enabled and connected when everyone’s working practices suddenly changed from Home Working to Health and Safety for key workers.

Over 100 organisations registered to receive the survey and our free, detailed analytical report of the results. This tool helped organisations rapidly ‘Adapt’ to the sudden changes forced upon us all.

It soon became clear that being responsive as your organisation rapidly adapts is only the first, immediate step on a longer journey, the Road to Recovery™.


2. Sustain – Create a culture of continuous listening

As lockdown extends, the next important question is how can we support our people as they try to ‘Sustain’ these radical changes?

Our second free solution responds to this need. Qlearsite’s Open Door™ is a continuous listening survey with a weekly analysis report and digital dashboards. To be clear, this is not a weekly, repetitive pulse survey. It is sympathetically designed specifically for people in an extended lockdown.

Open Door™ is always available. People share feedback on their own terms, when they feel the need and are able to do so. Each week we send you a report with wellbeing scores and summaries of their issues and feedback. Leaders can digest the results thoughtfully, then take considered actions that to Sustain your people and organisation in the protracted crisis.

The immediate response to any crisis should be first Adapt and then Sustain. But what happens after that? How can an organisation move its focus from a reactive response, to a proactive strategy?


3. Strengthen – Looking to the future

We started by sharing our view that the future is deeply uncertain. However, we do know that a global, deep recession will follow the lockdown. Many businesses will shut their doors forever.

Even businesses that are still busy today or operating similarly to their pre-crisis days will be impacted by recession. They must consider how they will ‘Strengthen’ their organisations, create more resilient cultures and support the success of the business in a difficult economy.

Strengthen is the final step and most critical step in our Road to Recovery programme. To support organisation, Qlearsite is offering a free Organisational Fitness® Scan. This survey provides an overview of the risks, opportunities and strengths of organisations. It comes with a report and digital dashboards, designed to be the bedrock of a great, proactive People Strategy.

Strategies are built on facts. Evidence should inform decisions and gut feel simply is not good enough. Organisational Fitness® is designed to create the facts required for a great people strategy. We consider this to be a vital solution and the best possible support we could offer in a time when everything has changed.

These tailored solutions and reporting tools are offered for free because it is an unprecedented crisis. We believe that that the Road to Recovery is an essential programme for all leaders. That is why we have removed all barriers so that any organisation that needs support can leverage our free offer.

Please do get in touch or register interest in the Road to Recovery here. We are happy to help!

Stay safe!

Pete and Alex

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