Working with Thriving Talent to help improve D&I in Swiss organisations

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We’ve got a lot in common with Thriving Talent – they do amazing work to promote D&I, inclusive leadership, flexible working and gender parity. They put people first, for two main reasons:

  • It makes your organisation a happier and more productive place to work.
  • It’s the right thing to do… right?

Thriving Talent are based in Switzerland and work across Europe, but the big news is we’ve teamed up with them to help customers get support for their diversity and inclusion strategy. It’s a great opportunity for us to expand into Europe and work with a leader in this space on such an important topic.

Through this collaboration, our D&I survey and language analysis tool will be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of companies. With Thriving Talent, we can even work more closely with companies so they have the practical tools, training and strategy to create a more inclusive business that leverages the diversity in their workforce.

We ran a webinar together on 2 April 2020, where we explored how to measure inclusion and give your employees a voice. This approach helps you to identify your D&I priorities and build a business case to get support from business leaders.

Watch the webinar here »


The gold standard of diversity and inclusion in Switzerland

Through this partnership, we take the time to get to know your organisation intimately and help you to clearly position the way in which D&I is a game-changer for your business.

We are experts in diagnosing the areas that your D&I strategy should be focusing on and with the powerful combination of our D&I survey and Thriving Talent’s consulting expertise, we can provide the insights and data that will win the hearts and minds of your leadership team.

Let’s begin with our survey…

Our diagnostic survey is proven to have the most effective questions to help you understand inclusion. It includes free text questions so the responses you get will tell you what’s happening in your business – so you know what to do to improve problem areas and encourage the good things happening already.

It’s quick and easy for people to answer – this means you get higher response rates and more meaningful answers.

We use smart language analysis – AI that reads comments like a human. Your team can write responses in their own words, and it doesn’t matter how many staff you have, it’ll analyse and categorise everything, quickly and accurately. You get numbers and statistics that help you measure how you’re doing, but you also get the context and honest input of your whole organisation.

Once you’ve got the data from the survey, you can look at key themes from your employees and even understand how the themes differ when looking through the lens of ethnic minorities, gender and age, to name a few.

It turns employee opinions about how inclusive the organisation is into actionable insight.

We can use this data and insight to give you an overview of where you are, and go deeper into specific focus areas; thus looking at the areas of inclusion that are problematic or confusing. By collaborating with Thriving Talent, we can take this a step further and help you to create a strategy and roadmap of what to do next.

Here’s an example of how this can be achieved:


Before you launch the survey

Thriving Talent helps you get clear about your organisational performance gaps, the way in which your competitors are performing, and the strategic goals you have set as a business. They then help you to define how driving inclusion and leveraging diversity can positively impact these areas. This helps you to clearly articulate the business case for D&I using language that speaks to your leaders and people.


Influencing your D&I strategy and roadmap

From the survey data, we will help you to summarise the key issues and challenges that get in the way of your people feeling included. Issues are very personal to every organisation – for some it could be around how opportunities are perceived between gender or age groups, and for others it could be about people not feeling safe to speak up and offer ideas. These issues can be further validated by holding focus groups with key populations which have complaints or issues.

By having the initial connection between D&I and company performance and goals defined upstream, you can clearly position how some of these issues (if not properly addressed) can have a negative impact on business outcomes.

For example, the business knows that a key performance gap in winning new business is not having a balanced representation of men and women in pitch teams. The survey may reveal that women don’t feel included and invited to pursue these opportunities, especially if they have returned from maternity leave. The survey also reveals that they are asking for more supportive career conversations and to not be sidelined to less visible projects because they work reduced hours.

You can then use these voices to help your leadership team understand the relevance of D&I, the impact it will have on closing performance gaps, and what needs to be done.

In the example above, the roadmap could include:

  • Running workshops with line managers to educate them on the inherent bias and challenges women face when starting a family, and the benefits of engaging this demographic to boost team performance.
  • Offering the women returning to work the chance to access groups or one to one coaching to help them build their confidence and ask for what they need at work.
  • Embedding talent management KPIs in the line managers performance objectives to ensure they are incentivised to address this issue.
  • Track and measure an organisational KPI on the ratio of new contracts won vs gender balanced engagement teams.

Communicating the survey results

Once you have support for the strategy and roadmap, Thriving Talent will help you to design key internal messages. This could involve a town hall communication to update everyone on next steps and internal (and even external) publication of the D&I strategy and measures.


Implementing a D&I programme

We also offer clients an ecosystem of programmes to help build internal capacity. From coaching to training workshops, and e-learning and off the shelf checklists that guide best practices.


Exciting times for D&I in Switzerland

This is a combination of our world-leading surveys and Thriving Talent’s thoughtful expertise. If you’re a Swiss company who wants to lead the way in diversity and inclusion, get in touch with Thriving Talent here.

It’s time to start the conversation

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