Building a Response Report

On the ‘Summary screen’ within the Survey Management module you will be able to build a response report. The Survey Response Report is generated in an excel spreadsheet and shows a breakdown of the response rates. Note that DPA rules apply.

How can I get started? 

To begin, click on the ‘Data export’ icon above ‘View Results’ button and select Build Response Report for a survey on the ‘Summary screen’.

A pop up will display with a list of live and closed distributions. Select the distribution you would like to build a response report for.

Note:  If the distribution selected is confidential then the pop up will allow you to add attributes.

Click on the ‘Add attribute’ button to start inserting attributes. The more attributes you add, the more granular the breakdown will be.

Once you are happy with the attributes inserted, click on ‘Build’ to generate the report. An excel file will download to your local machine.

What does each spreadsheet tab demonstrate? 

Only applicable to confidential distributions.

The first tab on the excel file is the ‘Summary’ tab. This displays key information on the distribution and survey along with the breakdowns selected.

All other tabs in this file will be the attributes added to the report. Each row represents an employee in the distribution. For each employee you will be able to view the following information:

  • Sent – Survey invitation has been sent
  • Hard bounce – Invitation was not delivered, this is indicative of a spelling error or inactive email account
  • Delivered – Survey invitation has landed recipients email inbox
  • Opened – Invitational email was opened but the link to begin the survey was not followed
  • Clicked – Survey link has been clicked by recipient
  • Responded – Survey has been completed
  • Response % – Percentage of demographic that have completed the survey