Consultancy Grade Reports

Qlearsite was founded by organisational experts with top-tier management consultancy background. We uses this expertise to automatically generate game-changing insights from your employee feedback. Our world-class technology and thinking gives you a killer combination of:

  • Getting quality data directly aligned to positive business outcomes.
  • Being able to analyse and interpret exactly what your teams are doing, thinking and saying.

Armed with information, you can direct resources to exactly the areas that will improve productivity and spark growth, which all contribute to make your organisation leaner, fitter, more agile and more primed for success.

Key to this is the creation of in-depth, personalised and automated reports to give your teams:

  • Areas of strength and weakness are highlighted on the framework, broken down by business area   and area of focus.
  • Game-changing analysis, suggestions and next steps.

These consultancy grade reports are presented in an easy-to-read PDF format that sets out the main themes and findings so that you can get to top-level and in-depth insights quickly.

Many of our customers share these reports with their teams in combination with the manager dashboards in order to spread the results across the organisation.