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Frequently asked questions

Our advanced people insight goes beyond employee survey responses, delivered through a combination of powerful technologies that deliver real business value.

We know that the security of your data is as important to you as it is to us. That is why Qlearsite ensure that your data is stored in compliance with both GDPR regulations and all other legislation.

From the moment you become a customer, you will have an account manager. They’ll be there on the end of the phone helping you to supply us with the information we need to get you started. They’re also there if you want to discuss the results, recommendations and findings. This is a managed survey, we realise the need to offer help and guidance throughout the process. If you decide that you want to use our other services to gain even greater insight, then we can also run more bespoke consultancy projects with our team of experts.

We have a range of evidence-based scan and deep dive surveys designed by our organisational experts and tested on over 2000 companies. You can choose from a range of survey templates & questions created to understand specific topics such as change management, employee engagement and D&I depending on what you are trying to understand. The survey delivery can be managed by one of our consultants or by someone internally at your company, this can be agreed at the beginning of the project.

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