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Baltic’s specialist apprenticeship programmes launch careers in IT, software development and digital marketing.

They are dedicated, digital experts who are passionate about making a recognised social impact. Regardless of race, gender, location and economic status, their innovative approach to technical training is bringing a host of opportunities to those who may have previously considered a career in tech to be out of reach.

We interviewed their HR Manager, Matt Welch, on the businesses approach to supporting their people and business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis.


What were your concerns about the COVID-19 crisis when it all started?


Our primary focus was ensuring that our people were at the heart of decisions we were making, especially as the situation developed.


It was critical to understand, from our people, what our strengths and areas for development were. This would influence our communications and engagement plan in the short-term, and strategically in the long-term. 

We had already begun daily transparent communications with our people as developments were announced from the Government. However, we knew there was change afoot – for instance quickly transitioning to company-wide working from home, which isn’t the ‘norm’ for us or our people.

Our big focus was to mitigate the disruption and unease this and the situation overall would cause our people. 


Why did you choose to run Qlearsite’s Readiness Assessment?

What was immediately appealing was the fact the survey was there and ready to deploy. Meaning we could concentrate on the core task of enabling business continuity and supporting our people and leaders during this transitional period.


The results were sat in my inbox a few hours after completion – and the detailed, deep-dive analysis of the responses and index comparison was super insightful. There it was, our people’s opinion, our people’s thoughts, our people’s needs, right at my fingertips.


This has supported immeasurably our people-focused communications and engagement plan. It shows we’re listening, but more importantly, it enables us to respond. 


What was your experience of the process?

The process was seamless. We were introduced to the concept by Qlearsite via LinkedIn and the level of support during initial sign up and deployment was brilliant. The process took literally minutes.

Within the hour I had a survey link, helpful pre-written comms content and supportive guidance from the Qlearsite team.


To think that you’ve provided this service free is incredible. Even more so with the level of support provided to roll out the survey, and the detailed post survey report and analysis. Kudos to all at Qlearsite. 


What were the key insights that you found?

It was great to see the overall readiness score and the individual readiness scores per theme area, particularly as we benchmarked 95% and above in all areas.


It was so refreshing and validating to hear that our people generally felt our approach, at that early stage, was at the right level.


This has had direct influence on our overall internal communications and engagement strategy / plan. 


Did you learn anything new about your people from language analysis?


The open text responses were the biggest area of influence for us. As this gave context to the scores our people gave us, but most importantly, showed us where we could improve and build on our approach to continue meeting the needs of our people.


It’s this that has ultimately played the biggest part in the design of our communications and engagement plan. 


What action have you taken as a result of the insights that you have gained?

My team and I have been working closely with our Brand and Marketing colleagues, and Senior Leadership, to design an internal communications and engagement plan built on: 

  • Business response and performance communications 
  • Employee engagement and virtual social interaction 
  • Employee health and wellbeing support 
  • Provision of fully-funded learning and CPD opportunities 
  • Employee recognition, appreciation and reward


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