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The problem:

Anders is the CEO of Documaster, a young and fast growing tech company that has people working all across Europe. Knowing that people 'make the company' Anders needed to understand more about his company and how he could build on its strengths and identify opportunities to further improve. 

Given the many office locations, Anders decided to undertake his first employee survey. His problem was that as a busy CEO, he had many demands on his time and so was concerned about the effort to undertake an employee survey and then analyse the feedback.

The solution: 

Documaster ran an Organisational Fitness survey, to provide a fast but comprehensive scan of the company’s fitness along 16 key indicators. The set up required some basic details of the survey participants but otherwise comes as a complete template that can be quickly styled for Documaster's branding and tone of voice. 

The Organisational Fitness survey has only 19 questions, making it quick and easy for employees to give feedback. As soon as the survey closed, a QlearFit report was automatically prepared. This summarised all of the key findings of the survey into a highly visual, tailored document giving Anders and his team the information to direct resources exactly into the areas that will improve productivity and growth.

The results:

Documaster experienced a very high response. The short, concise survey meant that over 80% of the company had provided feedback. Anders was quickly able to see an overview of his company’s results through the ‘QlearFit Map’. In his words:

“The QlearFit Map was probably the best overview I have ever seen in an employee survey, it was so easy to pinpoint the exact things that employees want to improve.”

The report also gave him an overview of Documaster’s lowest performing fitness indicators, together with a selection of text feedback that contained bottom up ideas to inform how he could further improve the company. He used many of the bottom-up suggestions from  his people to form initiatives and actions. Three months later, Anders is about to conduct another Qlearfit scan and is ready to see if his initiatives have delivered even better results.


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