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The events of the last couple of weeks have been one of the toughest for companies in recent memory - certainly during peacetime.

Following the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Qlearsite decided to roll out our Readiness Assessment for free in order to support other businesses struggling to understand how ready they are for a worldwide crisis.

One of the first companies to take us up on our help was Norwegian tech company, Documaster. Anders Johnsen, CEO, has kindly shared his experiences of rolling the Assessment out across their business.


Was Documaster ready to adapt for a crisis like Coronavirus?

At Documaster we’re used to working from home when needed, our offices are spread across Europe, so in that sense we were ready and enabled to continue working as normal.

On Wednesday 11th March we made the decision for all employees to work from home.


Why did you choose to run the free Readiness assessment? 

We wanted to confirm that we were ready and enabled to continue our work from home, and we wanted to ask all employees to see if there was something we had not thought about.


We are already a customer of Qlearsite, so we have great confidence in their frameworks.


What was your overall experience of the assessment?

The whole process was very easy – no hassle:

  • Ready-made suggestions for communicating internally about the survey.
  • You get a link to the survey and it’s ready to go.
  • Only 16 questions for my teams to answer.
  • It was only 4 days from registration and completing the survey, to a finished report!


What were the big insights from your results?

It was reassuring to get the confirmation that Documaster is ready and able to work from home!

We also got an indication that we needed to reassure our employees about care and flexibility. People are at home with their kids, and need to feel that is ok. We must show flexibility and we must inform people of our situations so it’s possible to show that flexibility.


What would you tell others about your experience?

Qlearsite, as always, was fast and good in all responses. The report was great and easy to read.

I really liked that the “Care” and “Visibility” dimensions were added to this “readiness” assessment, because those things can very quickly be forgotten in emergency situations.


Documaster shared their Readiness Report with all colleagues via their Slack channel, and talked openly about the changes that they will be making as a result and asking colleagues to be mindful of others. If you would be interested in understanding how our Readiness assessment could benefit your organisation, click here.


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