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Your company’s readiness to adapt to change is crucial - something that’s become even more apparent during the pandemic. We spoke to Gary Hazel, Head of Talent Development at Injazat, about their experience using our Readiness Survey.

Who are Injazat?

Catalysts of change, Injazat are market leaders in Digital Transformation, Cloud, and Cyber Security - providing the technology and expertise their clients need to boost productivity. Based in Abu Dhabi, and part of the government-owned Mubadala Investment Company, they work with a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

With over 1,000 employees helping to provide end-to-end digital solutions to their clients, it was essential they stayed operational during these testing times. As a long-time client of Qlearsite, using our Readiness Survey just made sense.

Their two biggest Covid-19 concerns

The Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdown, sent shockwaves through businesses worldwide. But the effects were different for everyone - and Injazat had two core priorities:

  1. Continuing to deliver the same level of service to their clients, with minimal disruption

  2. Enabling their team to either work from home, or feel safe operating on site

Getting your teams ready for remote working is one thing, but when that’s not possible for some critical workers, finding a balance is even harder. It's necessary, though: But once you’ve taken care of all your people, they can stay productive - which means you can fulfill your business goals.

How ready did Injazat feel for lockdown?

Our surveys and solutions shouldn’t be a last resort. A reactive, organisationally fit and agile company needs to identify problems before they emerge. That’s what Injazat did.

They were prepared for the unexpected, with a Business Continuity Plan in place that was ready to roll out as soon as Covid-19 struck. This was coupled with a Communications Plan, keeping their teams and clients informed and prepared for change. Test-driving their work from home capabilities was part of this - staggering their teams' week by week, until the lockdown started.

But while you can prepare for the worst, you can’t predict how your employees will respond. They needed to know how their teams would cope with the changes - from staying productive and engaged during remote working, to what they needed to feel supported.

How the Readiness Survey went for them

"The process was extremely simple for us. We have great support from the Qlearsite team and they were able to quickly update us on the easy steps to setup the survey and importantly how to gain insight from the results, create and implement initiatives to support our employees."
-Gary Hazel, Head of Talent Development at Injazat

Injazat had their survey ready to launch in a few days - and were pleased to see the positive responses that came back. Their team felt they had the tools and support needed to work remotely, which validated their preparedness efforts. They also saw their teams were aligned with the company’s priority - delivering client services without interruption - and should be trusted to do so.

While still scoring high in this area, the key focus area for improvement was when it came to their leadership teams’ visibility -  to ensure their employees stayed connected, and not isolated. 

Next steps and actionable insights

Employee surveys should never be an ego-boosting activity, or a purely academic exercise. It’s all about finding actionable insights - driving change through data. That’s exactly what Injazat did. Guided by their employee feedback, they began:

  • Scheduling virtual leader-employee catch-ups: setting up virtual sessions for employees to interact and engage with the CEO and C-level leaders

  • Holding monthly company-wide events: expert-run seminars, cultural celebrations, and company award-giving ceremonies delivered virtually

  • Supporting personal development remotely: using Udemy for Business, Pluralsight and other platforms to encourage employee learning and promote a learner-centric culture

  • Planning a formal ‘Work from Home’ procedure: making use of Qlearsite’s Return to Work Survey to build a future policy that would promote remote working based on employee feedback

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