Malaffi, Abu Dhabi - Preparing for lockdown in the digital health industry


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We spoke to Dr Bisera Lakinska from Malaffi - the first Health Information Exchange Platform in the Middle East, operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, a digital health company. They used our Road to Recovery offer to assess how they were dealing with the crisis. This is how they got on.


Testing systems and procedures

Malaffi tested working from home before lockdown began, to make sure they could carry on uninterrupted. They also established communication systems and sent clear guidelines to their staff.


They also set up a survey to assess their readiness

"We wanted to know how the new conditions were affecting our team members, especially around their ability to work from home."
- Dr Bisera Lakinska, Marketing and Communications Manager at Malaffi


Specifically they wanted to know how their employees were feeling

  • If they felt they had all the information and the support they needed for the new situation.
  • If they felt more isolated from their colleagues and not in touch with the big picture.
  • How it was affecting their wellbeing and mental health.

This was even more important as Malaffi are directly involved with developing solutions to support the COVID-19 response of Abu Dhabi. There was an increased workload, responsibility and pressure.


Confirming they were doing the right thing

Malaffi were confident they’d created a culture of cooperation, open communication and appreciation, but as ever it was worthwhile confirming this rather than taking anything for granted. 

They scored a very high overall of 94%, but they also learned:

  • Employees were very much interested in the overall achievements of the organisation and wanted more regular updates.
  • Employees wanted more transparency about future challenges.
  • People wanted their leaders to address concerns about establishing a healthy work-life balance. 

Malaffi also took the opportunity to get opinions on an employee engagement program that would motivate physical activity, offer life coaching sessions and volunteering activities.

With the results of the survey, they got widespread support for some of the initiatives and activities which confirmed they should keep going.

They also increased the frequency of their virtual all-staff meetings and adapted the content to the issues highlighted by the team members in the survey.

Malaffi plan to follow up with another survey to understand the results. They’ll keep testing and validating how they’re doing after 2 months working from home.


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