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When you’re focusing on growth, employee engagement matters - high levels are key, as it’s shown to boost profitability by 21%, reduce absenteeism by 41%, and turnover by 59%. We’ve been working closely with Yngvar Sjoner, Senior Vice President of HR and Organisational Development at Nemko to help leverage engagement in their organisation.

Who is Nemko?

With their origins in mandatory safety testing of electrical equipment in Norway, back in 1933, Nemko (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll) have drastically grown their scope since. Soon taking on radio interference testing, Norway’s entrance into the European  Economical Area agreement in the 1990s led to even more growth.

Now an independent organisation, they’ve drastically expanded to offer testing, inspection, and certification services globally - with a presence in 12 countries. 

A growth strategy focused on customer experience

With a history of significant growth and organisational changes, Nemko is constantly striving for improved performance. With their latest growth strategy focused on customer experience, they knew employee engagement would be a key focus - due to the proven links between the two.

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Why Qlearsite was the right partner for Nemko

When it comes to the tangible benefit of boosting employee engagement, Qlearsite has both the belief and technology to make it a reality. Our research has found a strong positive correlation between organisational fitness scores and customer NPS.

That’s why our employee engagement solution was a good fit - offering carefully constructed question sets, and advanced language analysis tech to offer powerful insights.

“I liked the fact that it was short and well-defined, based on a factor analysis of 500k questions and containing artificial intelligence for reading open comments.”
-Yngvar Sjoner, Senior Vice President of HR and Organisational Development

Analysing employee engagement, for effective action planning

After using the survey solution, the results were in - Nemko’s employees had high engagement levels overall, which is always positive news. They also uncovered some of their key strengths, and could introduce initiatives to make the most of them:

  • Role Fit: with their employees feeling overwhelmingly positive about being in the right job in relation to their skillset, Nemko introduced digital training to encourage this further

  • Inclusion: knowing that their people were feeling respected and included validated Nemko’s existing efforts in building a growth mindset culture

  • Empowerment: Nemko committed to establishing a succession management process, and keep up their existing good management practices, after scoring high in this area

They also saw a potential area for improvement - identifying an opportunity to boost their Tools score, by introducing and progressing initiatives to improve their support processes and the user-friendliness of their platforms.

“We would recommend Qlearsite for their service-oriented approach, and high quality methods”

-Yngvar Sjoner, Senior Vice President of HR and Organisational Development


Knowing exactly where to focus their efforts gave a clear direction for boosting employee engagement, which will improve customer experience, and lead to even more growth - so Nemko can continue their longstanding success story.  

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