Virgin Media - Using People analytics to better understand their people

The problem:

Virgin Media is a large media conglomerate that provides telephone, television and internet service in the UK. With over 14,000 employees working across multiple sites, it is difficult to understand what their employees are doing and importantly how their employees are feeling. 


Working in a fast paced telecoms environment, Virgin Media knew it was imperative that their leaders were equipped with the data essential to direct and motivate their people. They wanted to specifically use our analytics tools on an ongoing basis to identify better ways of working for their people.

The solution:

Virgin Media used Qlearsite’s people analytics tools to better understand their workforce trends. Not only was the Predict tool able to inform which job roles, locations and departments were at greater risk of absence and attrition, but use of the Insights Survey tool allowed Virgin Media to understand why these groups behaved as they did, using advanced language analysis technology. 


This allowed their people insight team to build strategies and initiatives that would really make an impact, drawing directly on data insight provided by the Qlearsite tools. With their ongoing license, Virgin Media continue to explore a host of hypotheses about their business from the impact of the manager to the effects of change initiatives, all of which help to drive and inform business and talent decisions. 

The results:

"...we literally halved that rate of attrition – it was a cost-saving of £1 million.”

The people analytics tools have helped them to make better people decisions. In the words of Aggnider Russell, Head of People Insight  “Thanks to a year-long process of moving our people data to an analytics platform called Qlearsite,” she explains, “we’re now able to run what we call Opportunity Finder projects – testing hypotheses by establishing hard causal relationships between datasets, which enables HR to devise much more targeted interventions. In just one of these, we found above-median sickness absence and, by creating sickness absence champions, we literally halved that rate of attrition – it was a cost-saving of £1 million.”


To read more about the work Qlearsite has completed with Virgin Media, you can read this article featured in the times:


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