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Wilson Partners is a UK based, award winning firm of chartered accountants and business professionals with an employee base of just over 30 people. Whilst a number of their employees are used to remote working (albeit not to the extent we now know it) many of their employees are new to this and due to the speed of changes required WIlson Partners wanted to ensure that they were prepared.

We spoke with Dan James, Director at Wilson Partners about how they adapted to their new ways of working and how they used the Qlearsite Readiness Assessment to inform some of these changes.


What were your biggest concerns for Wilson Partners when this started?

"My concerns were two-fold: 1) How quickly could we pivot to the entire workforce working remotely with limited impact on productivity?; and 2) What impact might this have on how connected we are as a team and individuals' mental health and wellbeing?"


Why did you choose to run the free Readiness Assessment?

"I was interested to see the kind of technology that Qlearsite is building. I was impressed with the speed at which the Organisational Readiness survey came to market and it seemed to be a straight-forward and concise platform from which to take a temperature reading of staff feeling and sentiment."


What was your experience of the Readiness Assessment?

"The Qlearsite Organisational Readiness survey was very easy to use, quick to complete (which is important from a respondent’s perspective), and generated some valuable insight and feedback in a format that was easy to share. The customer support along the journey was also fantastic, including user guidance and example email drafting."


What were your findings from the results?

"I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost all of our employees were in a good place, feeling enabled and empowered to continue with their responsibilities with minimal impact on productivity.


The general theme was that communication had been excellent and we had found ways to make sure we were all staying connected. It’s early days and lots more to do but Qlearsite enabled us to capture that we are at least starting from a position of strength."


Did you learn anything new from the language analysis?

"There were some common themes around positive communication and IT that have been useful in drawing out some specific areas that we must stay on top of."


If like Wilson Partners, you would like to take advantage of our Free Organisational Readiness Assessment, please click here.


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