Diversity & Inclusion

Uncover the real-life experiences of a diverse organisation

Go beyond simple demographics and build an organisation where everyone is accepted and can thrive.

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Step 1

Ask questions with depth

Inclusion is complex, it is built from deeply held feelings that are hard to measure. Our research-backed questions help track your progress as you build trust, fairness and a sense of belonging for all your people, regardless of their chosen identity.

Step 2

Shine a light on inclusion

Help your leaders connect with the whole company. Deep-dive reports help senior teams understand whether everyone feels included, highlights positive experiences to celebrate and brings into focus the opportunities to go even further.

Step 3

Build actions with empathy

Complex feelings can't be expressed in check-box answers. Language analysis helps uncover hidden experiences and the feelings of all your people. Focus on intersections to reveal the specific, often overlooked actions that can make a big difference.

Inclusion Heatmap

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Simply smarter, employee listening


Shorter, smarter surveys

All our surveys are 25 questions or less, preventing fatigue and improving response rates.


Asked at the right time

Our survey approach adapts to your needs, sets strategic priorities and informs effective actions.


Insights beyond checkboxes

Uncover the rich, hidden insights in open text feedback using our accurate language analysis.

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"With Qlearsite, you can really get down to the heart of what you are trying to investigate."

Aggninder Russell - Head of People Strategy & Insight

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