Employee Engagement

Say goodbye to the traditional
engagement survey

Engaged employees mean business success

QlearFit+ Employee Engagement gives you the insight to spark productivity and growth in your organisation. Our technology finds the link between behaviours and business performance to give you a solid basis to plan and act.

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How QlearFit+ Engagement works

View Engagement through
a productivity lens

  • QlearFit + Employee Engagement is designed to focus on areas proven to drive value.
  • Gain a holistic view of how engagement drives value across your organisation.
  • Gives you the kind of insights you may have never had access to before.
QlearFit Framework
Survey Mobile

Shorter, better engagement surveys

  • Ask the questions that truly drive engagement in your organisation.
  • Our rich analysis of open text questions means that you can ask fewer, more meaningful questions that link to business performance. 

Listen at an enterprise scale

  • Using Natural Language Processing, turn thousands of employee responses into quantifiable themes.
  • Gain insights into sentiment, behaviours, risks, and opportunities in a way that has never been possible before.


Natural Language Processing
Reports and Dashboard

Actionable Insights

  • Share game-changing insights across the organisation
  • Distribute personalised reports to leaders and their teams with action plans to improve engagement.
  • Equip managers with dashboards to dig further into the results.

See QlearFit+ Employee Engagement
in Action

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From one off insights, to ongoing
listening strategy

Use QlearFit once to gain the kind of insight you've never
been able to achieve in your organisation before

Employee Survey

Create and distribute an employee survey to collect data around your organisation's fitness

QlearFit Report

Almost instantly generate a report

Actionable Insights

Your realtime insights tells you exactly which areas to focus on and improve

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QlearFit Scan

Deep Dive

QlearFit Scan

Deep Dive

QlearFit Predict

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QlearFit Features

Some of QlearFit's groundbreaking features


Natural Language Processing

Understand what your teams are really experiencing by analysing language.

Learn more about Natural Language Processing


Consultancy Grade Reports

Thought provoking insight, analysis, interpretation and suggestions.

Learn more about Consultancy Grade Reports


Predictive Analytics

Predict to assess the likely financial impact a change initiative will have.

Learn more about Predictive Analytics


Manager Dashboards

Online, interactive dashboards provide all levels of your organisation access to insight.

Learn more about Manager Dashboards


Listening Strategy

Make QlearFit scans part of your ongoing growth strategy.

Learn more about Listening Strategy



Protecting your people data. Trusted by leading brands.

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