Employee Engagement

We’re here to fix employee engagement surveys.

Engagement can be great for your business, but too many surveys are long, boring and don’t give you the information to make meaningful changes.

We’ll help you understand what makes your people happy, and how that boosts your productivity.

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A good employee engagement survey will let you do this:

tick-green Understand how your people feel about the business as a whole.
Green tick circle Show your employees you care about them, and are listening to them.
Green tick circle Get in-depth info about why they feel the way they do - positive or negative.
Green tick circle Help you make decisions that’ll improve engagement.
Green tick circle More engagement means higher growth, profit and productivity.

A bad employee engagement survey will do this:

cross-grey Annoy your staff with surveys that don’t lead to any change.
cross-grey Give the impression you’re only pretending to listen.
cross-grey Give you no insights to make changes.
cross-grey Or worse, give you bad info that makes engagement worse.
cross-grey Lower engagement, high turnover of staff, and lower productivity.

This is how we’re fixing employee engagement

Fix 1:

Ask the right questions, and keep it short

We’ve asked more questions than University Challenge. We did it so we could work out exactly which questions will give us answers to help you improve your business. Even better - with every new question we ask, we’re constantly improving the best questions in the industry.

Our engagement surveys are between 16 and 25 questions, so they’re easy to complete. No ‘survey fatigue’ here.

Fix #1
Fix 2:

Use automated language analysis to instantly give you meaningful data

Once the survey is closed, our language analysis quickly works through the results. It reads like a human, organising complex feelings and sentiment into data you can understand.

Everything’s in your dashboard - you’ll get scores and insight for every part of your business, along with deep insights and context to explain it all. You can search and compare all the data too. Share the results with senior leaders in simple, visual reports.

Fix 3:

Supporting you in making strategic decisions

You’ll get everything you need to make confident decisions that’ll make your business stronger.

Allows leaders to lead - consulting-grade reports to set direction and prioritise change.

Managers create change - clear direction on where to focus and take action, managed in our dashboard.

HR team supports change - the HR team gets an analytics tool to dig deeper into results for ad-hoc analysis and support.

Our consulting expertise and planning support - we’ll help you build in-house capabilities to plan and run change management programmes.

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“The aim with using Qlearsite was to gain insight and data on what can be improved to ensure that our people are the most engaged within our industry.”

Helen Aasgaard, Chief HR Officer at Otiga Group

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