Employee Engagement Survey

Build a focused and highly engaged company

Simple employee engagement surveys with smart language analysis to identify actions to improve the employee experience.

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Step 1

Ask meaningful questions

Choose employee engagement survey questions that reflect what is most important to your work culture. Select from a library of research-backed questions that are proven to improve customer service, profitability and growth.

Employee Engagement Report Extract
Step 2

Give leaders clarity

Provide your leadership team with a detailed overview of the survey results. Instantly generate concise, consulting quality leadership reports. Use our analysis tool to go deeper into the employee feedback in real-time.

Step 3

Plan actions that work

Go beyond generic 'best practice' actions, incorporate the real-life experiences of people working in your company. Once you've tailored your actions to improve employee engagement, embed them into intuitive manager dashboards and share your plans with the whole business.


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Simply smarter, employee listening


Shorter, smarter surveys

All our surveys are 25 questions or less, preventing fatigue and improving response rates.


Asked at the right time

Our survey approach adapts to your needs, sets strategic priorities and informs effective actions.


Insights beyond checkboxes

Uncover the rich, hidden insights in open text feedback using our accurate language analysis.


“Qlearsite gave us clear indications about where we need to deep dive to find out more about what employees want to improve.”

Anders Johnsen - CEO

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