Employee Engagement

Smarter employee engagement surveys

Understand your employees at a deeper level. Use short surveys and smart language analysis to help you improve engagement, retention, company culture and productivity.

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Why Qlearsite?

Shorter, Smarter, surveys

Shorter, smarter surveys

Prevent survey fatigue and improve your response rates.


Powerful language analysis

Uncover the hidden insights in open text feedback with our employee language analysis tool.


Results that drive change

Interactive dashboards for all your teams, with industry benchmarks, what’s going well, and key focus areas.

Ask the questions that matter

Our engagement survey delivers you results with less than 25 questions.

It’s designed by organisational scientists to deliver true insight and to give your staff a short, engaging survey experience that reduces fatigue and increases response rates.

Response rate averages
Industry standard
Actionable insights with powerful language analysis

Uncover actions hidden in language

Many tools just count words, our technology reads and understands them. That's a big difference. 

Our powerful language analysis turns free text comments into data you can make decisions on. It can understand employees’ feelings and opinions instantly, at scale and without bias. See key themes across your entire company, easy to explore, all presented visually.

Discover your most important insights

Make better, data-driven decisions and help every team in your organisation. Interactive dashboards let you analyse, segment and understand your teams’ responses. This means you can find ways to improve employee engagement, productivity and a company culture.

Dashboards that deliver your most important insights

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Simply smarter, employee listening


Shorter, smarter surveys

All our surveys are 25 questions or less, preventing fatigue and improving response rates.


Asked at the right time

Our survey approach adapts to your needs, sets strategic priorities and informs effective actions.


Insights beyond checkboxes

Uncover the rich, hidden insights in open text feedback using our accurate language analysis.

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“Qlearsite gave us clear indications about where we need to deep dive to find out more about what employees want to improve.”

Anders Johnsen - CEO

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