Employee Language Analysis

Insights that go beyond checkboxes

Analyse every single free text survey response,
instantly, without bias and at scale using our
natural language processing tool.


The challenge

Checkbox questions can’t capture complex feelings and experiences. Stories about work are only revealed when people are given an opportunity to use their own words.

That’s why we developed smart language analysis. It reads and understands complex comments. Making it is as easy and as accurate to analyse open-text answers as it is checkboxes.


How we do it

Many tools count words, our technology reads and understands them. That's a big difference

We analyse the whole comment, to go deep into it's meaning. Why? Because context matters and changes meaning.

“This is not a black and white issue”. 

In this sentence, basic, less accurate tools might think is about ‘Diversity & Inclusion’. That’s because they scan for keywords - ‘black’ and ‘white’. Our technology is smarter it reads and understands the whole sentence and confidently classifies it as 'Decision Making'.

On such deeply sensitive topics, being more accurate is essential. That’s why we’re trusted by the leading employers to analyse their valuable, sensitive employee feedback.

How it works

Step 1

Immediately understand employee feedback

Our tool has built-in knowledge of employee language. That means you can carry out high-quality language analysis straight away. The technology can automatically categorise employee verbatim responses into key themes and sentiment giving you visibility on the key issues affecting your people.

Natural Language Processing
Step 2

Adopt your accent

Every organisation has its own tone of voice and unique language. Our tool can adapt and learn, just let it know any words with special meaning for your people.

Theme List
Step 3

Easy to read results

Our tool shows what is most commonly talked about in a simple chart. You can then cut, slice or drill down to see individual comments to validate the analysis.

Inclusion Heatmap

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