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Find your people power in just 3 steps

Lydia Watson

People power. What is it?

It’s about believing that people’s voices matter. That by listening to them, and creating an honest conversation, you can achieve positive change. 

What that means is up to you. Maybe it’s a more equitable, inclusive workplace. Or a business that keeps getting bigger. Lower attrition, higher productivity, happier faces – whatever you want to achieve, we believe that finding your people power is the key. 

And there are three steps to making it happen:

1. Get better feedback

When we say ‘better’, we’re talking quality and quantity. If more people get their voices heard, you’ll know what change is needed. Our platform is designed to help you listen, and understand the full employee experience – letting you focus on specific areas if you need to.

How you can make it happen with Qlearsite:

  • Send shorter surveys to get higher response rates
  • Ask research-backed questions, for honest answers
  • Focus on the topics that matter right now

2. Get better insights

Feedback is one thing. But how do you turn 100s-1000s of employee comments into a clear way forward? Our technology does it for you, pulling out the information that matters: like what topics come up the most, how do people feel about them, and how different are the experiences of different teams and demographics?

How you can make it happen with Qlearsite:

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data to get the whole story
  • Use Smart Reader technology to analyse 1000s of comments
  • Slice and dice the data, to understand different opinions

3. Make a real impact

You could have all the data, insights, feedback, and understanding in the world – but if you don’t put it to good use, it’s wasted. Our platform is a tool for change, enabling you to share the responsibility of improving your organisation with managers. You can identify tangible actions.

How you can make it happen with Qlearsite:

  • Empower managers to make their teams stronger
  • Build a narrative around change, based on data
  • Make the organisation’s next steps clear

With great power comes great responsibility: only you can make change happen

We can help you find your people power – but you have to take it from there. Only you can make your organisation the high-performing, crisis-surviving, culturally thriving place it should be. We just give you the tools, tech, and expertise to make it happen.

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