How to get powerful employee insights without wasting time or money

Employee surveys designed for small businesses. Save time and money with Qlearsite Foundation – it’s fast, simple and free for 21 days.

These brands are already benefiting from better surveys. Now small businesses can too.

Getting employee feedback is too time-consuming, right?

It doesn’t have to be that way. We know HR professionals in small businesses don’t have time to waste. That’s why Qlearsite Foundation is faster, simpler and easier to get results than any other platform.

Qlearsite Foundation helps you get answers, fast
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1-2-1s just take
too long

There’s no substitute for face-to-face chats. But when you need to identify organisation-wide issues, it takes too long – and people don’t always open up.

  • Takes up a lot of your time
  • Hard to spot overall trends

Basic survey platforms aren’t enough

There are 100s of basic survey platforms – but they’re not designed for employee insights. That means you’re not getting accurate answers.

  • Poor quality data
  • No next steps

Faster, simpler surveys
from £99 a month

We’ve got affordable prices for organisations up to 300 people* – sign up to the free trial, and find out how little you could be spending.

*We’ve got great prices for bigger teams as well – get in touch for a quote

Qlearsite Foundation: fast results for small businesses

From inclusion to hybrid working, you can get feedback on key topics quickly. Pick the relevant survey, get instant insights, and learn what steps to take next.

Send your first survey in just 15 minutes:
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Step 1

Choose a survey
from 20+ key topics

Pick from 20+ survey templates, all focused on the topics that matter – from wellbeing, to employee engagement.

  • “What if I want to customise the survey template?”
  • You can add your own questions to our pre-built question sets, to tailor it to your teams.
Step 2

Get powerful insights, instantly

Quickly get the detailed breakdowns, language tech, and insights you’d expect from a survey provider – but tailored to the needs of small businesses.

  • “What if I need to present the results?”
  • You can share the results with anyone in your organisation using a time-limited secure link.
Step 3

Understand your next steps

It can be hard to find where to focus. That’s why you get automated signposting, helping you identify the hidden stories in your results.

  • “How do I know what to do next?”
  • Based on your results, you’ll be given a follow-up survey recommendation – so you can dig deeper.

This is how we help organisations get answers, fast

We’re already working with companies across the world to make it easier and faster to hear what your employees have to say.

The entire process with Qlearsite was so manageable and easy for me
The right tech to analyse the narrative that open text questions give us quickly and cleverly

It’s time to start the conversation.

These organisations are already asking the right questions – and that’s why they can quickly respond to changing workplace priorities. It’s time you did the same.

How to get started:
  • Sign up for your free 21-day trial
  • Send your first survey in 15 minutes
  • Get instant insights when the survey ends

See what Qlearsite Foundation is all about

We’re all busy people. If you don’t have time for a call, and aren’t ready to sign up for a trial, why not watch our explainer video? We’ll show you how you can get answers, fast, with Qlearsite Foundation.