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How to stay connected while working from home

Steffi Maranan

You might not feel like it sometimes, but if you can work from home, you’re lucky. That’s not to say it’s easy though – and the big thing we miss is hanging out with our colleagues.

Here are a few tips to stay connected:


Turn on your webcam for every meeting

The humble webcam is the great leveller in our new society. It forces you out of bed, into the shower, and starts your day properly. But why is my face so red? Do I usually have that many chins? The good news is that your colleagues don’t care how you look – they miss you and want to see you.

In all seriousness, seeing each other humanises our conversations and is way better than talking to a blank screen


Have every-day, normal, non-work catch-ups

There is a strange ritual in offices. On Fridays we ask:

“What are you up to on the weekend?”

And then on Mondays, presumably because of our national love of crime dramas, we seek to audit and confirm this information:

“How was your weekend?”

This just shows that Coronavirus has destroyed our way of life in more ways than one.

These seemingly innocuous chats are actually how we build relationships and rapport. They lead to more important topics, and they make it easier for us to have tough work conversations, because we know each other so well. Working online means the opportunity for these talks are gone, unless we make time for them. Here’s an idea:


Lunch time clubs

Something we do at Qlearsite is an optional lunchtime club which is a video meeting for us to have lunch together. We can join and leave freely, and have lunch together like we normally would on an everyday basis. It’s a great place to catch up with your colleagues and helps to keep normal activities alive.


Don’t cancel your socials – just move them online

Friday team drinks is a popular one and something we’ve tried to keep up in our virtual office. Put some regular time in the diary so you can catch up and socialise virtually – drinks are totally optional! Use this time to check in with one another (for us it was a chance to show off everyone’s adorable dogs and play around with Zoom backgrounds).


Share new things with your colleagues

Sharing new things you’ve found can make such a difference. From new recipes you’ve tried out to online workout videos – every little thing helps, no matter how random, and you might end up helping a colleague with inspiration, who doesn’t know how to use up their free time.


This is a strange time for us all, but the more we stay connected with one another the easier we can all adapt to working from home.

It’s time to start the conversation

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