Better surveys that use fewer, smarter questions

We analysed millions of survey answers to uncover the smartest, most predictive questions to ask in our surveys.

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The challenge

Surveys have a bad reputation. They’re often long, boring and don’t get to the point. That’s because they ask endless questions that create survey fatigue.

We performance test all our questions, uncovering those that are more revealing about future behaviour. As a result, our surveys are shorter and more engaging.

How we do it

Some questions are better than others, their answers reveal future behaviour.

Over many years, we’ve searched through huge datasets using a powerful statistical tool to find the questions that are consistently better, that reveal the future.

To confirm our findings, we ran a series of independent tests partnering with a leading research organisation. The study covered every industry and more than 2,000 organisations. The results were conclusive, our questions have a direct link to what matters – profit, growth and customer service.

That’s how we reveal what is most important using 25 questions or less, helping us get to the point and fight survey fatigue.

Step 1

Choose from a range of survey templates

Our short, smart surveys are ready to go, complete with suggested formats and communications. They are quick to set up, tested and cover a wide range of topics.

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Step 2

Adapt for your tone

Each company has a unique culture and tone of voice. Our tool makes it easy for you to add your accent and branding so that surveys resonate and feel authentic.

Step 3

Compare against your peers

We know what it takes to create high performing organisations, our industry benchmarks help you focus on setting goals that are proven to deliver results.

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