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The case for listening to your people is clear.

Use the calculator below to measure the financial return from proactively managing your employee retention risk.

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Aggninder Dhillon, Head of People Transformation, Virgin Media

“In just one of these, we found above-median sickness absence and, by creating sickness absence champions, we literally halved that rate of attrition – it was a cost-saving of £1 million..”

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Dynamic HR benchmark data

HR benchmarks for data-led leadership

Put your data into context, with industry-specific benchmarking. Compare attrition rate, gender ratio, and more – so you can identify potential risk factors within your organisation, and make informed decisions. Because that’s the secret to becoming a better leader.

✔ Attrition benchmarks & more
✔ Industry-specific benchmarks
✔ Compare your historical data

Platform representation showing HR benchmarking data on attrition rates

Identify trends in your people metrics

Is your attrition rate improving? Are people taking more sick leave than the previous year? Has one of your teams got a diversity problem, or is a particular demographic more likely to resign? Combine strategic HR metrics and benchmarking for answers to all of these questions.

✔ See trends in your HR data
✔ Identify any ‘at-risk’ groups
✔ Organisational predictions

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Anne Therese Bogen, Head of HR, Thommessen

“Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives.”