Can I customise the questions in a survey template?

18 Nov 22 | Knowledge Base

There are 3 levels of customisation available when utilising a survey template. 

Certain keywords, like ‘organisation’ or ‘customer’ can be changed.  In the case of ‘organisation’, perhaps you don’t like to refer to yourself as an organisation, perhaps you’re a charity or partnership. Or perhaps you’d prefer to use your actual organisation name. Changing this is easy, select the question and any editable words will be highlighted. Click the editable word and replace it with your choice. This will need to be done for each question (changing it for one question does not automatically change it for all occurrences). 

Hiding Questions.  In some cases you may wish to hide a question of group of questions (a section). The reasons for doing this may be many, often it is because that question or its phrasing just doesn’t fit your context or organisation. But please note: if the question or section is hidden, it will be removed from the survey form and you will have a gap in your survey results during analysis.

Adding Questions.  Many of our customers like to regularly include questions that are specific to their organisation, or perhaps want to cover something topical.  Add questions or groups of questions (section) to tailor the survey to your needs. You can chose from may different types of question styles and any questions you add will be covered at the end of the survey form, by default (this cannot be changed).

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