Change Question

Dec 13, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Used in the Engagement Scan and Insight Scan survey templates, the Change open text question asks:

Can you think of a change – small or large – that would make {our organisation} fairer, better or give your everyday work more meaning?

This question gives employees the opportunity to share ideas for change initiatives without limitation so that change initiatives can be discovered or contextualised.

This question allows employees to freely share their ideas for potential change initiatives. Responses to this question provide a rich source of information and potential solutions to be explored and considered. By removing any limitations or constraints on the ideas shared, employees are encouraged to think creatively and offer a diverse range of suggestions.

This can help to uncover new and potentially valuable change initiatives that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or been overlooked. Additionally, by providing employees with the opportunity to contextualize their ideas within the broader organization, decision makers can gain a better understanding of the potential impact and feasibility of each suggestion. Overall, this question can help to facilitate a more collaborative and inclusive approach to organizational change.

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