FAQs about user management

Nov 18, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Are there limits to the number of users or usage in the Qlearsite Platform?

We work with organisations ranging from 50 to over 10,000 employees.

We strongly encourage our customers to send surveys as often as they need. As such, there is no restriction on the number of times a year our Platform can be used.

The number of users permissioned to use Qlearsite (as a survey manager or adminstrator) or to answer surveys (number of respondents) is determined at the time you sign up to use our Platform. Please contact your Qlearsite Account Manager for more details or to discuss changing your user licences or pricing.

Who can access the Qlearsite Platform?

There are three key ways that people interact with the Qlearsite Platform:

  1. As a survey administrator
  2. As a manager or stakeholder
  3. As a respondent

Survey administrator

As a survey administrator, you are someone who is responsible for collecting feedback from the organisation. Therefore, you are able to log into the Qlearsite platform to setup surveys and you can see the results of the entire organisation. Moreover, you have access to permission-based features such as exporting and can also create reports.

Manager or stakeholder

As a manager or stakeholder, you are interested in the results of the survey. You will be able to access the Qlearsite Platform through our sharing functionality and do not need a username or password. When you look at the survey results, this will be tailored so that you can only see your relevant team or department, not the entire organisation. You’ll still be able to filter and segment your results to find valuable insights.


As a respondent, you are invited to provide feedback on your experiences. Interaction with Qlearsite is limited to filling in a survey form. There are no usernames or passwords required for respondents.

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