How do I download my survey results data?

18 Nov 22 | Knowledge Base

Downloading your survey data is simple, but not all Qlearsite users are able to do this because it a permission-based feature. By default, most survey administrators are setup with this capability. However, if you are unable to download your survey data, please email

Want to export your survey distribution data? Read this article here.

Go to your Insights module to export and download your survey results data. Hover over the distribution of your choice to see the download icon. Clicking on it will let you start the process of exporting your results. When you are informed that your export is in progress, you can close the pop-up.

Processing time can vary depending on the size of your survey and the number of respondents. You can continue to use the Qlearsite platform while your file is being prepared.

Check in on the progress of your export by clicking on the download icon again. If the file is ready to be downloaded, you will see the option to download the file to your computer.

What about employee privacy?

Employee confidentiality is maintained even when you export your survey results. If there are insufficient responses to meet the data protection thresholds, your data will be displayed as “redacted” in the Excel file.

The Survey Results Export File

The Excel file consists of 6 tabs:

  • Survey summary
  • Respondent count by hierarchy
  • Metrics by hierarchy
  • Closed responses by hierarchy
  • (language) Themes by hierarchy
  • Text responses by hierarchy

How to analyse the Engage score:

The product excel export tabs are filtered by hierarchy. We recommend starting with a single point in the hierarchy as the excel provides every single answer, for all hierarchy levels which can be a lot of data to view at one time.

The Aggregated Metric Value is the questions that have been marked positively in the survey form – all select one type questions should be marked with a Blue Tick for the positive answers Strongly Agree + Agree.

Using the Metric by Hierarchy tab to calculate the Engage score per department:

  • Apply data filters to the top row, columns headers
  • Within Metrics by hierarchy, Column G . ‘Metric name’ – select the 4 engagement questions used in the survey form. This can include:
    • I am motivated to respond to the changing needs of our organisation.
    • At our organisation, I feel motivated to persevere to find solutions to challenge
    • Our organisation inspires me to contribute more and do my best work every day.
    • I would recommend this organisation as a great place to work.
  • Column A – select the hierarchy / department you want to view
  • The average of those questions scores in Column H Aggregate Metric Value is the Engage score

Please note, all scores are percentages within the file.

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