How do I export my survey Send List and Communications?

2 Jun 23 | Knowledge Base

This article is about exporting the details of who you distributed a survey to and how you communicated with them.

If you are wanting learn about how to export the Results of your survey, refer to this article instead.

What is contained in this export?

This export is downloaded as an Excel file and the data it contains depends on how you collected employee feedback.

If you ran an Anonymous survey and used a share link, the export will only contain the configuration of that survey distribution (e.g. start/close dates and times).

In contrast, if you have run a Confidential survey, the export will contain:

  1. Survey Distribution Configuration – This sheet in the Excel file contains the essential information about your survey such as Name, Start Date, Close Date and more.
  2. Your Send List – this is list you imported during Survey Design. It contains all the details of the employees who were invited to respond, including details of their team (hierarchy) and any attributes.
  3. Communications – This sheet shows the emails and reminders that were sent to respondents during the survey period.
  4. Text – This sheet shows the text of the invitation email.
  5. Emails – The banner information and subject of emails are shown here.
  6. Images – any branding or images that were utilised in the communications are shown in this sheet.

Step by step instructions to export

  1. Go to the Survey Management module and select your survey.
  2. Navigate to the list of Distributions page
  3. Click on the ACTIONS menu next to the distribution and select “Export

4. The excel file will be available in your browser’s download location shortly thereafter.

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