How do I share results with line managers?

Nov 18, 2022 | Knowledge Base

The sharing functionality in the Qlearsite Platform makes it easy to not only share survey results with line managers but to ensure they are seeing the relevant results to their team. 

When you are viewing your results, simply click the button to ‘share’. If you only want a line manager to see the results relevant to their team, then select the department from the organisation hierarchy and then add the line manager’s email. Alternatively, an individual can be added to the organisation-level and they will see the results of the whole organisation. An email can be added to multiple teams if required. 

Your line managers will receive a link via email that will take them to the survey results. 

Do line managers automatically get sent their results when the survey has closed?

No – once a survey has closed, the survey manager must share the results with line managers using the Platform’s sharing feature. This provides the survey manager with the opportunity to review the results first and perform tasks like hiding comments that could potentially identify an individual.

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