How does the Qlearsite Platform highlight patterns, issues, and causal factors across employee populations?

Nov 18, 2022 | Knowledge Base

The Qlearsite Platform is designed to help you analyse your survey data so that you can identify patterns or issues across your people. Through coloured visualisations, you will be able to easily identify the high scoring and low scoring elements of your survey. Through drilldowns and advanced filtering, you can cut and segment your results to compare how groups of employees have scored. A key component to getting deeper insights and understanding on your employee population is to ensure you are capturing the relevant employee attributes you would want to segment by during survey design.

Does the Qlearsite Platform help me identify statistically significant anomalies in my employee feedback?

The Platform does not provide anomaly detection. If you have specific concerns about outliers in the raw survey data and want to use additional models or algorithms to review the data, we can offer you a full data export to be used in another system. 

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